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Gumboot Games

There are already the craziest competitions out there. Whether it is mobile phone throwing, wife carrying ... and, of course, there are also, competitions involving gumboot throwing. That got me the idea to think about what other games are possible. Needless to say, gumboots are standard equipment in every camp. Gumboots do not cost the earth, they are virtually indestructible and you always find use for them. Purchasing a pair for your toy box is certainly worthwhile. They can be used for all the games below. The following games can be carried out by relays, races, station games (play street, children's festival, school festival) or a Camp Olympiad. With these gumboot games, everyone can have fun and for some of them you indeed will need some skills as well.

Here are those rubbery, ultimate gumboot game ideas

Rubber Boots Water Transport Relay
Rubber Boots Water Transport Relay

  1. Throwing by hand

    Using your hands, to throw the boot as far as possible. The longest throw wins.

  2. Throwing by foot

    Loosely put the boot on your foot, trying to throw the boot as far as possible away from you. Measure the distance from the start line to the point where the boot first touches the ground.

  3. Cross-golf

    Create an obstacle course or a longer race in the open terrain with different stations. The player has to go through this course. He throws the boot from one station as close as possible to the next station, picks up the boot and throws it again. The respective stations pose additional tasks for the boot throwers. For example, he has to throw the boot over a branch and has to climb over the same as well. Or you have to throw the boot in a basketball hoop. Only after you succeed, you can continue to the next station. Alternatively, you have to throw your boot through a lower hanging tire and crawl through afterwards. Only then you are allowed to continue. There are many other possibilities for you to explore.

    You can judge a) the number of throws, which is needed for the entire course or b) the time you needed to get through. The rating also depends a little on the difficulty of the course.

Gumboot Games
Gumboot Games

  1. Kicking far

    The boot is on the ground and using your foot you kick the boot as far as possible. Measure the distance from the start line to the point where the boot first touches the ground.

  2. Seven-mile gumboots race

    For this game, you will need the biggest boots available. The bigger, the better and the funnier. Now put on your oversized “seven-miles gumboots”. Every candidate has to cover an obstacle course where he is timed or, alternatively always two kids can race against each other. If you play this game in a kindergarten, do not use the largest boots. After all, we do not want children to disappear in the boots.

  3. Buckskin-gumboot relay

    Such a race, of course, you also can play as a relay: put on dungarees, or buckskin pants, and not to forget your gumboots and start running. Then take off the rubber boots, buckskin pants and pass them on to the next runner. If you do not have several outfits, the candidates can run one after the other and are timed.

  4. Skill throwing with gumboots

    Objective, from a distance the boots are thrown into a target circle. The closer your boot gets to the centre of the circle; the more points you get. If it happens that your boot comes to stand upright, you will receive extra points.

  5. Rubber Boots Water Transport Relay

    Put on your gumboots and step into the creek. Alternatively, you also can step into a water tub or fill the boots up using a cup. With your water filled boots run a certain distance to another bucket and fill it up with the water of your boots. However, do not take off your boots. You will be surprised; it is not all that easy to get the water in the bucket. The team/candidate wins, who first fills up the bucket with water. Alternatively, you could measure how much water is in the bucket after 5 mins.

  6. Water Fight

    Water fights with gumboots. The boots are filled with water. Next you try to drench your opponents with water. However, be careful, because the boots must not be thrown. If you drop the boot during the game, you are disqualified.

  7. Filling up boots

    From a distance of 2-3 meters try to fill the boots using a water gun. If you have a garden hose, you can use this to fill up larger boots. But beware: if the boots fall over you will no longer be able to fill it up. If you use small water guns, it will take a little bit longer to fill them up. You can always shorten the distance to the boots or alternatively, using a measuring cup, work out how much water is in the boot after 1-2 mins.

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