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Game Collection: 2000 Games and Ideas for Youth Groups and Camps

Game collection: games and ideas for youth groups, camps, children birthday party
Program ideas for group meetings, quizzes and riddles, circle and icebreaker games, water and snow games, sketches, pantomime, children's birthday and party games, station plays, scavenger hunt, diverse evening programs, outdoor games, games, crafts and ideas for an indian-, knight-, stone-age or pirate camp etc.

Complete Group Programs for Youth Group Meetings and Camps

Complete Group Programs
Complete and well-crafted group programs that mostly revolve around a certain theme. If you can adapt the program concepts to your requirements, or can even expand on them, then the next program ideas for your yearly program or camp program will be achievable.

Craft Ideas for childrens - simple - fast - uncomplicated –

Craft Ideas for childrens
Christmas Craft Ideas, Crafts for Adventure Camps (knights, pirates, …), or make your own games, paper crafts, crafts for eastern, table decoration and many more.

Quiz, Puzzles, Questions and Riddles for preparing your group meeting

Quiz and Riddle
3000 questions and answers, 200 riddles, short crime puzzles or riddles for young detectives, picture and match mysteries, flags and banners - to use for yourself, or for preparing a station play on the camp or for the next group meeting.

Devotions, Themes and Talks with Childrens and Teenagers

Devotions, Themes and Talks with childrens and teenagers in group hours or on the camp
included topics: friends, friendship, devotions with objects (magnet, geiger counter, fire, flashlight, sparklers etc.), confidence, debt, short plays for church events, themes: Youths and suicide, alcohol, fears etc.

Youth Leader Training - Themes and Know How for Youth Workers

Youth leader training - themes and know how for youth Workers
Youth work: what's that? Styles of leadership, group pedagogics, group processes, game pedagogics, how to plan a youth group meeting or holiday camp, homesickness, motivation, conflicts, rules and roles in your youth group, etc.

Child and Youth Education: Understanding, supporting and encouraging kids

Child and Youth Education
Issues & themes around the problems of children and adolescents. Articles about child and youth education, as well as messages, notes on concerns and difficulties relating to socio-educational subjects. E.g.: binge drinking, puberty, discouraged children’s, cyberbullying, empathy/sensitivity, refusing school, pampering, hyperactivity etc.

Youth worker tips & notes

Youth worker tips & notes
Findings from the internet, books, film tips, advice – in a nutshell – thoughts and ideas to initiate discussions. This is not intended to be a daily blog, only a place where you can share your thoughts and experiences; issues I came across over the years.

Cooking for large groups - Recipes and tips for cooking at the camp

Cooking for large groups
For those who have to cook for large camping groups you find here a recipes collection, tips for calculating how much to cook for a crowd, tips for leisure or the camp kitchen. Quick and easy recipes to suit every taste. What needs to be planned and prepared? What quantities are required?

Everything a Youth Worker needs for Youth Work

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