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This homepage was prepared by Hans Hirling, Youthleader since 1974 in the YMCA/YWCA in a little town near Stuttgart (South-West of Germany), with experience in organization and management of over 75 camps (hiking, camping, canyoning, rafting, canoe and bicycling) and more than 1200 group meetings. is translated from German into the English language

...if there is something unclear or not well translated, please send a proper translation.

The German version of this web site includes more than 2500 games, over 300 devotions and themes, over 200 complete group programms, and a complete youthleader training programm. It's one of the most extensive web sites for youthworkers in the German speaking area. Most of the pages on the web site have been translated from German into English in the last years.

more informations about me and this page is a collection of material and ideas for youthworkers

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