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Game ideas for Group Gatherings, Party or Camp

Over 2000 Games - one of the world largest collections

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A compendium of 1000 games*

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A compendium of 1000 games This book (* at the moment only in German language available) guarantees fun and games for years to come. Games that can be played without any preparation are specially marked. This book is ideal both for experienced leaders and newcomers working with children and teenagers in youth clubs or in schools.

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Are you looking for group games for a children’s group, a youth group, for camp, or the next children’s birthday party? Are you organizing a play street, school festival, station games or a cross country run? Do you need suitable quiz questions or riddles, detective stories or detective brain-teasers, ghost stories and other ideas for your program or party with your friends? Perhaps you’ll find one or more ideas here.
Games The descriptions of the games and ideas within these game collections are briefly stated and are often in list form. Many are suitable for party games, wedding party games, or games for children’s birthdays. There are well-known classic group games in their original or similar form that have been played in group gatherings, children’s celebrations or at children’s birthday parties.

Programs and Ideas

200 Program Ideas Over 120 Complete Group Meetings
Red Indian Adventure Camp Games & Craft Ideas Pirates Party & Festival Ideas
Knights Camp Games & Craft Ideas Stone Age Camp: Games & Craft Ideas
Adventurer & Settler’s Camp

Indoor Games

Get-acquainted Games Icebreaker Games Cooperation Games Circle Games
Games Of Trust Relaxation Games Varied Games Bet You Can't Games
KIM Games Clothing Games Balloon Games Cotton Ball Games
Table Tennis Balls Potato / Apple Games Drink Coaster Games Bottle Games
Newspaper Games Clothespins Games Matches & Matchboxes Candles Games
Indoor Team Games Blankets And Cloths Tokens and Checkers Games with Corks
Children’s Birthdays Party Games Writing – Drawing Rope Games
Sweets & Marshmallows Straw games Easter games Baby games
Christmas Party Language & Word Games Games without winners Feets, toes, legs
Dice Games Patience Games Tooth pick games Games with wool
Conker games Games with dustbin bags Shoe games Games with buttons
Nail games Bottle Caps Domino Games – Domino-Day

Creative Games

Radio Salad Show Puking Kangaroo & Co. Sketches Short Drama Scenes
Shadow games Pantomime A drama in 3 acts Play for parent’s evening

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Activity Games Wood Games Night Time Activities City Games
Station Games Relay Races Parachute Games Dirty & Wet
10x Scavenger Hunt Snow Games Water Games Beach Games
Bicycle & Scooter Rally Frisbee Games Catching Games Skateboard Games
Boxes & Buckets & Cans Inner Tubes Awareness games Lawn Games
Ball Games Outdoor Children’s birthday

Other Ideas and Material

190 Easy Craft Ideas Ghost Stories Camp Fire Stories Bus Journey Games
Group Division Games Card Games Quiz and Riddles

About me and this page
I was involved in youth work in a little town in the south of Germany as a voluntary member of staff since 1974 until 2008, therefore over 34 years. In the 1500 (and more) group hours and over 80 camp holidays, I have collected many ideas and experiences. I organized many camps, also many city-visits such as in Berlin, Venice, Paris or Rome and Iím a fan of experience orientated youth work and camps. Also you can find on my page a small youthleader training program.

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