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Zacchaeus (no) someone like you?

The story of Zacchaeus is one which always fascinates me. It contains lots of things which are accurate in which all of us can find some element of truth.

Are you like that too?

  • Zacchaeus: A rascal, cutthroat, a thief, a liar and a con artist
  • Zacchaeus: he was physically small and simply someone who always came up too short.
  • Zacchaeus: he ruined friendships with everyone and they didn’t want to have anything to do with him.
  • Zacchaeus: he wanted to see Jesus (from a distance, without any strings)
  • Zacchaeus: he was scared of being seen and had to hide.
  • Zacchaeus: although he made so many mistakes (probably more than others), he was allowed to meet Jesus and this meeting would change his whole life. Who had of thought it?

The others who were standing around found it unbelievable that Jesus went to him and simply went past them. You could say that Jesus left them standing.

Lots of (little and big) Zacchaeus's are around today while others stand around thinking that they would find it impossible if such a person found God, who would be distrusting and would think it would not be possible.

To think about:

  • Are you also a little Zacchaeus?
  • Are you one of the people standing by being annoyed?
  • Are you someone who does not want anything to do with faith and Jesus and would rather cover up or hide?
  • Then read this story through.

The exciting story can be found under Luke 19, 1-10.

This story can not only be interestingly told in the boy’s group but can also be a story as a example of how Jesus looks for those people who usually would not have anything to do with him. Maybe you know some of those people.

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