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Devotions and Impulses for Christian Youth Work

Devotions and talks with childrens and youths

The devotions covered here provide an impulse (stimulus) for conservation with children or young adults in a youth group setting. The themes and thoughts are deliberately briefly summarized (with a few exceptions), for in their brevity lie the roots of the subject. The devotions should be chosen according to the kind of group and the ages of the participants. Use your own thoughts and words fitting to the group situation to enhance and supplement the devotions. The children and adolescents will picked up where they stand and will get right to the heart of the subject.

About Love, Friendship and Trust

  • 1000 friends and friendship

    Friendship: who can say of itself that he has 1000 friends?

  • Parachute jump

    Jump into the unknown – parachute jump.

  • Crossroads

    At the crossroads – when people go their separate ways

  • You are You

    You are completely special, you are singular.

  • The bent pipe

    Have you at some time tried to straighten out a bent pipe?

  • The hummingbird and the stork

    The hummingbird and the stork. A fable about friendship.

  • He thinks – she thinks

    He thinks – She thinks – Can the two find each other?

  • True love

    The king only sees one possibility left to achieve his goal – namely the love of this woman. He leaves his throne, takes off his crown. True love.

  • Roses

    Roses: A symbol of love and affection

  • Trust in God

    At some point each of us has to decide. At some point all of us need to go into the wheelbarrow.

Itıs All About You ­ From Decisions, Paths, and Goals

  • Why do you come to...?

    Why do you come to the brigade or youth group?

  • The boys of Johannesburg

    Another boy, around 14 years old, was the leader of a younger gang.

  • Mammon

    Nobody can serve two masters - either God or the Mammon

  • Nothing but decisions in life

    We arrive at points in life where we must decide on a path to take.

  • Can’t be bothered

    Can’t be bothered, everything is crap, I have my life in my own hands.

  • Too Fast...

    From one date to another date. From one party to the next party.

  • On the run

    Run towards God and leave everything that is bad in your life behind you.

  • Hide your sin!

    We are the Champions in hiding our Sin!

  • I am certainly not stupid...

    Not all which appears at first sight as stupid - is stupid

  • Spirit of the Lord

    Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

  • No time? Too late for God?

    There are surely thousand excuses why we don't have time for God.

  • Free cities

    Free cities and what Golgotha has to do with it all.

  • The large wall

    A wall of sin separates us from God. There is only one way to the other side!

  • Modern idols

    Despite this, the situation is not much different today. Ever today, we still run after some kind of idols: money, power, football or pop stars

  • Fasting time is a path

    What does fasting mean to us? Does it mean leaving out excesses of food? Does it mean practicing doing without something? Does it mean limiting myself?

  • Straight through the heart!

    Has this happened to you before - a devotion from a youth leader has gone straight through your heart?

  • In the race with God

    Do I want to start the race with Jesus? How can I run my race with Jesus? Do I have my goal in sight?

  • Zechariah (no) someone like you?

    The story of Zechariah is one which always fascinates me. It contains lots of things which are accurate in which all of us can find some element of truth.

  • We don’t have the time

    Who doesn’t have the problem of "not enough time"? Sometimes it would be much easier to take time for the things fundamental things and to simply forget everything else.

So That Everyone Gets It ­ From Parables To Comparison

  • Accept the (money) gift?

    You probably think anyone who doesn’t accept 1, 2 or 5 dollars must be daft, but what do you say to Jesus’ offer?

  • Wind effects

    You cannot see the wind. However you can see its effects. The Holy Ghost is like the wind.

  • The football shirt

    Being good, does not make you a Christian just like certain sport clothes do not make you a good sportsman.

  • The (mouse)-trap

    Such mouse traps can also be found in your life.

  • The light switch

    If you are Christian and have the light of Jesus burning in your heart, then it is similar to a light.

  • Deposit bottles

    Jesus wants to use you and he would like to reuse the deposit bottle again and again and fill it with new joy and new energy.

  • An apple is an apple - or not?

    You are like these apples: you are not to compare with other one.

  • A hard nut?

    Is Jesus allowed to crack your shell?

  • A (burned out) light bulb!

    Burned out light bulbs are for the garbage pail.

  • Such a donkey!

    Who wants to be a donkey or to be called such a name? Every one of us wants to be a big „star“!

  • Compass

    Do you have a reliable compass?

  • Burning fire

    A small fire begins to burn in your heart. Hold the fire at burning!

  • Team captain

    The important functions of the football team captain

  • The Geiger counter

    If you care about Jesus, watch out for the Geiger counter in your life.

  • Sparklers

    Your faith can also inspire others, as a miracle candle the next can ignite

  • Light of the world

    Parable from the light of the world

  • Wedding banquet

    Imagine: You plan a feast and nobody comes. Annoying! Imagine: Jesus invites you to come to him. Oops!

  • Torch

    Light and direction in life is important for your survival. The batteries must be regularly recharged.

  • The magnet

    He pulls us out of the dust.

  • Fingerprints - you are unique

    You are extraordinary, you are singularly - as a fingerprint

  • Telefon connection

    How much time do you spend talking to: your friends? With Jesus?

  • Carnival masks – cool!

    What is the face, what is the mask in your life?

  • Doors

    Doors - simply, decorate and inviting or rejecting?

  • Bridges

    I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.

  • Telephone hotline

    Telephone Hotline 50.15 - this telephone hotline is free

  • The only truth

    In Vino veritas - in the wine the truth lies! Really?

  • Stocks and bonds

    If we think about the young rich man: He gave up a life with Jesus because of money.

  • Built on sand - or – a cloud castle builder

    For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.

  • Clay is not just dirt

    Clay is not just dirt – clay can be shaped – you too?

  • The labyrinth of life

    Some prefer to run around in circles a few times, some prefer to count on themselves, some despair and do not find their way out of the labyrinth of life.

  • The dough devotion

    Hold on with God’s help and allow yourself to be kneaded and worked on through HIM.

  • Such rubbish…

    Do you collect rubbish too? Do you run after every bit of rubbish? Are you addicted?

  • Clocks: the hands of a clock

    The hands must stick together in the middle, even if they do not always point in the same direction. The hands must rotate in the same direction.

  • Collecting stamps

    There are many things to collect, e.g. stickers, number plates, crown corks, beer mats, ..., and of course, stamps.

  • No one washes whiter....

    We all know the advertisements for washing powder. All of them claim to be better than the next.

  • The parable of the lost coin

    The parable of the lost coin: Hide a 2 Euro coin without anyone noticing. Then you will send the whole group looking for the 2 Euro coin together.

  • The daily glance in the mirror

    Nothing is more taken for granted than our daily glance in the mirror.

  • The parable of the mustard seed

    God can work big things – from the smallest of starts. The most important thing in this parable is the extreme change in size from very small to an impressive size.

  • Parable of the sower

    We cannot always expect the devotions to be a hit. There will always be kids and youths who are not in the slightest bit interested. There will always be those who are enthusiastic at the beginning but who are gone again after a short flash in the pan.

  • Salt of the earth

    You are the salt of the earth. If the salt were no longer salty, what would we use to season food? Salt changes - Jesus changes your life and the lives of others completely.

  • The parable of the hidden treasure

    We want to go on a treasure hunt together, on a hunt for Jesus. It is, of course, easier if you have a treasure map

  • Christianity in everyday life

    Or: what do nutella and bread have to do with Jesus?

  • The carpet of your life!

    The development of a carpet! The carpet of your life!

Success ­ The Big and Small Problems

  • Hung out to dry

    Lots of people have already hung their Christianity out to dry. They have given up because with time, they have felt further and further away from Jesus.

  • Competition – race

    If you have fallen down in your belief, stand up again. You can only manage to keep going to the end in this way.

  • Beliefs and works

    Take a little time to think self critically about your beliefs and your doings!

  • Turbo drive for life

    From where do you take your motivation and strength?

  • Rhetorical artist

    Maybe I am not a good talker, but I surely know what I am talking about!

  • The 5 columns of belief

    The "Five C’s" are not a group of child detectives. The Five C’s are short for the 5 columns in your life with God. If one column is shaky, the whole structure shakes. If one sags, everything is lop-sided.

  • Be true to God

    Test yourself: Where your heart is, there is your treasure

  • Your faith may not fail

    But I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail. (Luke 22,32)

  • Tears

    Around 40 bathtubs full of tears are cried each day.

  • Shipwreck of belief

    "See that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son and in the Father. And this is what he promised us—even eternal life. "

  • Apathetic? Take your time!

    There are surely children in our groups who are looking for our love and devotion.

  • Succession has consequences

    Yes or no. Light or dark: succession has consequences

  • Not in our hands

    You are frustrated or in despair: It might be the case that the person(s) who you love or who you care for do not want your love or your care or maybe just not in the way that you think.

  • Slander – gossip – idle tittle-tattle

    The tongue – a dangerous and deadly weapon! About slander – gossip – idle tittle-tattle

  • The hungry fox

    The hungry fox – a fable from Leonardo da Vinci

  • Which path leads to God?

    What do I have to do to find God? Allow myself to be curtailed? Paul believes: Then I can also let myself be castrated.

  • What makes you hot?

    This subject deals with the questions: What makes you hot? What turns you on? What leaves you cold?

  • How will I be cleansed?

    How will I be cleansed? That really was crap. How can I get out of this one?

  • The Good Samaritan

    The story is very impressive. It allows us to ask the question: Who is my neighbour in actual fact? What does he look like?

  • Standing your ground

    Daniel, have you heard about the new law which the king is telling everyone about?

  • Running away from God

    Run away from God? Run away from life? God runs behind YOU, because you are important to him.

  • Is weakness permitted?

    Nobody, because we all do the exactly the same thing. We allow our own weaknesses but judge those of others.

  • Seek peace and pursue it!

    Why is it so hard to find peace and then to keep the peace? Why do we keep losing the connection to keep the peace once we found it? I think to understand this, we need to think about what is breaking the truce.

Get the Momentum Going ­ Short Thought-provoking Topics

  • Feelings

    How do you feel: In school, in your job, in your club or in youth work?

  • Annual slogans

    Annual slogans for 2006, 2005

  • Blessings

    Blessed be every man, who touches your heart with tenderness and love.

  • Help, a virus!

    Help, a virus! "Oh, no! A virus!" If someone says such things when he is sitting in front of his PC, you can be sure that it is not good!

  • Titanic

    Titanic – how do we live on our dream boat?

  • Be strong to lift up heavy weights

    Be physically fit and strong. Be strong and fit in spirit. Daily prayer (-Training) to stay fit in faith.

  • Our beauty ideals

    Men always assure us that they love a woman’s inner beauty – funny how they always look somewhere quite different.

  • Truth

    We are all on the look out for the truth, for true love and for the true recognition.

  • Courage!

    Courage is: ignoring peer pressure, building your own opinion, letting others know what you think. Courage is….believing in God despite all questions and doubts!

  • Our lives – a pile of fragments?

    I am often so busy with my own problems and self pity and I feel sorry for myself!

  • Hannemann, you go first

    Just like lots of boys, they had big mouths and wanted to prove to others how daring and fearless they were!

  • I cannot recognise a God!

    In all of these explorations, considerations and recognitions, one thing is certain: We cannot recognise God with computers, test tubes, rockets and philosophising.

  • Jesus can sort a (your) life out

    I had lost the faith but I have slowly been finding my way back to Jesus and to the Holy Ghost for the last two years.

  • „The duel“

    It is 12.00 midday. The main street is deserted and no one is around. The fronts of the house are on the left and right; Saloon, bank, church and houses. The wind blows a single leaf through the dust.

  • Conquering fear

    Fear always has been a subject and still is. Fear comes at certain times and is sometimes terrible and sometimes not so bad.

  • Bullying

    Bullying is a subject which affects everyone. It doesn’t matter it is at school or in the workplace: bullying was even described in the bible.

  • A call to missions

    If you are too busy to take a few minutes during the day to tell somebody that Jesus loves him or her, then you are too busy.

  • Those precious little children

    Just as the parents rejoiced to see their children happy so our Heavenly Father rejoices when He sees His beloved Son happy. Every time that we do something kind for Jesus it makes our Heavenly Father happy.

Children's and Adolescent Christmas Church Service

Themes, Topics, Miscellaneous and Stories, ...

  • Theme Fear

    The subject fear is surely (not just) a theme amongst the youths. However within a group, no-one wants to stand there as the scared cat.

  • Easter - Resurrection

    The person, who knows Easter, will never despair.

  • Holding – carrying – trust

    On this evening the theme is to think about the things which support us in life. What happens if we do not find any support and the ground beneath our feet breaks away?

  • Bottle children

    People who are involved in youth work will be confronted with subject of alcohol sooner or later.

  • Bible work: Peter on the water

    For the bible work „Jesus and Peter walk on water“ a few physics experiments as an introduction are suitable for the introduction to research some properties of water in closer detail.

  • Nicky Cruz

    The following tale is a true story. The story is about the former boss of a youth gang in New York

  • Short stories for children and teens

    Short stories for children and teens with different themes (alcohol, smoking, obedience and lies, Margarete Steiff, Hudson Taylor etc.)

  • Youths and suicide

    Youths and suicide: The subject of suicide is not an easy subject to talk about. A short story as an example.

  • Thought about suicide?

    Have you thought about it before? Suicide! A themed evening covering the difficult and complicated subject of suicide.

Introductory Skits, Comprehensive Bible Studies, Devotional Series, Methods and Tips

  • On the path with Jesus

    This bible works directs itself towards the life of Simon. Simon experienced highs and lows, joy, grief and despair, loss of direction, braveness, fear and failure.

  • Bible work methods

    Different examples and methods for Bible works with children and young people

  • Born again on the cemetery

    An introductory game text: Mark 5,1-20 (Luke 8,26-39 / Matthew 8,28-34)

  • Devotions - yes.... but how?

    It takes a long time and many devotions to develop your own devotion presentation style. This seminar script is really worth reading and is perfect for staff training in a staff circle.

  • 100 tips for staff

    Here are around 100 (more and less important) tips and features for members of staff! There are certainly many books for staff members with lots of tips. I took the book of all books and pulled out some tips, which were mainly written by Paul to his staff or community principles.

  • Nothing happens…

    You are doing youth work for years. Week after week you tell the kids about Jesus Christ. And what is the use of it? Nothing!

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