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A Basket of Unique Apples!


The same kind of apples are in the basket, but each has a different quality/age. Everyone may take an apple out the basket. Look at your apple from all sides. Feel your apple with your eyes closed. Talk to your apple. Learn all you can about your apple so that you can form a picture of it in your head. When everyone is finished, put all the apples back into the basket (mix them up).

At first, everyone thinks “an apple is an apple” or that every apple is identical. But with a closer look, one can see the differences – here a bruise, there a scar, one apple is shinier or prettier, or it is a little wrinkled and has spots.

You are like an apple. Jesus affectionately holds you in his hand and knows everything about you. When someone gets to know you, they can see the differences. You are not to be compared with others. You are genuinely unique. Maybe you have a scar or two, maybe look very attractive or not, but one thing is certain: Jesus knows and loves you and wants to hold you in his hands.

Take your apple out of the basket. You can hold it in your hands and take it home with you as a symbol that Jesus holds you and wants to accompany you everywhere.

Comment: potatoes can be used instead of apples for this devotion and either would be suitable for the conclusion of game evening.

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