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Accept the (money) gift?

Try it out and see what happens when you would like to give each of your group members 1, 2 or 5 pounds/dollars!

There will be a few youths who almost knock everyone over to be the first to get the present. Some will delay in disbelief but then will run to the front to collect the gift; a few won’t come at all thinking that there is a catch and will watch from a safe distance. (I have seen every reaction possible, especially if the kids and youth don’t know you very well.)

Jesus also promised us a life full of plenty. He did everything so that we only have to accept his offer. He is ready and waiting for those who want to take on his offer. Unfortunately people probably won’t knock other people down to accept his offer, but there are plenty who have already done so. There will also always be a lot of people who ignore his offer, prefer to walk away or watch everything from a safe distance. There will also be people who delay at first – maybe out of fear, out of despair or people who wait and see what their friends will do. However Jesus’ offer is valid. You only have to go to him, you must move and you must hold out your hand and grab his hand.

You probably think anyone who doesn’t accept 1, 2 or 5 pounds/dollars must be daft, but what do you say to Jesus’ offer? Are you one of the first? Are you the one who waits (because you do not have the courage to stand up and take Jesus’ offer for yourself), or are you the one who disregards Jesus’ offer (maybe not openly, but would prefer not to have anything to do with his offer)? Jesus means it seriously and you can really trust in him – more than everyone else.

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