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Be strong to lift up heavy weights

This visualisation was sent in by Iris S. from Frankenthal and was used in the children’s Sunday school. Especially when working with children, it is very important to have simple and picturesque comparisons to God to bring God’s word nearer to the children.

Be physically fit and strong

Children may volunteer to come forward and try to lift and weight. ( 2-3 children are allowed to try). It is not so easy. You surely know what people need to be able to lift such weights. Exactly – they train they muscles. They have physical power and want to be strong and be able to lift heavy things and they need power for this.

Be strong and fit in spirit

Just like our bodies, a similar thing happens with the spirit. Sometimes there are difficult things for us to do, e.g. others saying that we are Christians – that can sometimes be difficult because we have to count on the fact that others will not understand this.

Sometimes people might do things which we do not want to do, because we know that it is not good for us, and we want to explain this to them. That can be difficult sometimes. However, just like we can help our bodies to be strong, we can also help our spirit to be strong by speaking with God. (Talking to God is done through prayer). He will then make us strong. He is the power which helps us do things which we cannot manage alone or from which we are scared of.

Daily prayer (-Training) to stay fit in faith

Just like you have to train your body regularly to remain strong, we should also talk to God regularly. When we cannot manage it alone, we are allowed to know: You can mange it with God’s help, he will give you power and make you strong!

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