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Boredom? Impatience? Unfaithful? Stupidity?

(Theme: Be true to God)

In 2.Moses 32 it is written, how Moses went up onto the mountain to talk with God. The folk had said beforehand: „Everything that the master says, it what we want to do!“ As Moses came back after 40 days he finds his people dancing and celebrating the glory of the golden calf. Moses is bewildered.

  • Obviously 40 days of waiting were too long for the folk.
  • Obviously the people preferred a visible God.
  • Obviously the bond with God did not mean very much to the people.

Can that also happen to us? What are your thoughts on this story?

  • Impatience in prayer?
  • No time to wait for God?
  • Which visible Gods do you prefer to Jesus?

(Test yourself: Where your heart is, there is your treasure – This means: what means a lot to you? Which position does Jesus occupy in comparison?)

  • Have you promised God everything possible and then are not able to keep your promise?
    • Because something more important got in the way?
    • Because it took too long?
    • Because you forgot your promise?

In the New Testament I thought about the story with the foolish virgins. They could not wait. At the vital moment, they missed the arrival of the bridegroom. Do not miss the chance of your life out of pure boredom!


This devotion has something to do with faithfulness. The opposite of faithfulness is unfaithfulness and unfaithfulness usually comes from the situation when someone is bored and thinks that something else is nicer, better, greater or more exciting.

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