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The boys of Johannesburg

At a boy’s brigade meeting, a missionary from South Africa told the following story.

The missionary mainly worked with youths who came from the poor area of town. She runs a school and a missionary station. Lots of the boys come to her when they have problems.

An example: A little boy of around 12 years was found by members of staff of the missionary station. He had been stabbed. This boy only narrowly escaped death. The missionary told him about Jesus and his great deed which he did for us. She told him he would be freed from his sins if he had Jesus in his life. He does not need to be alone. Jesus is always there for him. Up until this point, the boy only knew hatred, did not have anyone in his life and learnt about Jesus’ love on this day. Jesus loves every person. After a few days, this Jesus allowed Jesus into his heart. He became a new person, no longer obsessed by fighting and hate. After two months this boy was found stabbed and lying dead in the street. Like many other, he had become the victim of the gangs in the poor areas of Johannesburg which were a thing of the pas and are still a thing of the present.

Another boy, around 14 years old, was the leader of a younger gang. This boy took part in a camp approx. 200km away from Johannesburg with the missionaries. This boy also got to know Jesus on this camp. He no longer wanted to be a leader and is now a young missionary worker. There was another boy who did not have any parents and also went to missionary school. He, however, did not want to grow close to Jesus. He believed in ghosts and bad spirits. This boy died in a similar way to the first 12 year old boy. He wanted to go his own way in life. He gave up on a life with Jesus.

Why are we telling these true stories?

You will also hear about the love of Jesus in the group through one or the other devotion. You can make your own decisions, just like the boys in Johannesburg, whether you want to live your life with Jesus, or if you prefer to go your own way. Everyone who comes to Jesus can be sure that they will not be thrown out by Jesus, he will be happy. As you can see, there are different reactions. One decides for Jesus, the other against him. One might wait until it is too late. Another might say yes straight away.

And you?

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