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The carpet of your life!

Do you know what a loom is? Have you tried to weave a carpet on one? Here are a few thoughts about the loom and what a loom can have to do with our lives. These ideas are especially suitable as a devotion when you want to weave with the group.

The loom is a frame with tensed threads.

Once you have the frame, the threads are pulled through to start the weaving. These threads are very important but the colour is not. If you cut through one of the threads the whole artwork can be wreaked. If you destroy one of the threads, the whole work was a waste of time.

Is our life not like a loom?

The structure of our life is there from birth through to death. Our life is built on this frame. It can be different for each person but the "fundament" for our life is belief – belief in God. If you destroy the belief in God, if you no longer trust him, then everything is wreaked – just like when one of the threads is cut.

The development of a carpet!

Once the threads have been tensed, the weaving can start: One up, one down, one up, one down... Sometimes the white threads are visible, sometimes they are not.

Life is similar: Belief is sometimes closer, sometimes further away. The children in my kindergarten are allowed to choose their own threads to weave with: they can be blue, red, green, yellow, pink, black...

We are also allowed to choose which track to take in life. We can choose one direction or the other and we can choose which colour our life should have.

If the children made a mistake when weaving (for example: they have accidentally weaved two up, one down, one up ...), they always came to me. If they noticed the mistake quickly enough, I would undo the weave and correct the mistake. If the mistake happened a while ago, it is difficult, complicated and sometimes impossible to correct.

If we make a mistake and we notice it early enough then we can also trace our steps back and correct the mistake again.

And so...those were my thoughts. I hope you have fun weaving your life’s carpet.

An entry from Sabine D.

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