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Conquering fear

Fear always has been a subject and still is. Fear comes at certain times and is sometimes terrible and sometimes not so bad. Fear is one of the primary human emotions.

Where do we encounter fear?

At school, at the dentists, when breaking up, in the dark, fear of loneliness, fear of dying? We are faced with the subject of fear in many movies. The murderer stands in front of his victim. The film ”Finding Nemo” where the son swims into the open sea and his father is scared.

In a song by Xavier Naidoo fear is described well. I will read you the first two verses:

Fear does not have any friends but we know it well.
Fear likes to make enemies and likes to eat up courage.
No one can stand it but it likes everyone.
Fear knows every person whether they be near or far.

Your fear is my fear as well because it lives off you and me.
Alone in the dark, it gnaws at me and you.
We could join forces, us two, you and me.
And figure out our fear, I won’t leave you alone.

The second verse is about how we can stand up to fear. „ We could join forces...“

Talk about your fear with someone who you trust. The wrong thing to do is cover up your fear, let it eat you up and cut yourself off.

Do you know the saying: „ Let the cup pass by me“? Do you know said that?

Jesus - on the evening that Judas betrayed him and the soldiers came to take Jesus prisoner. Shortly beforehand Jesus was so scared that he prayed to God: „Lord, my father, if it is possible spare me from drinking from this goblet!“ God took Jesus’ fear away. And so Jesus prayed to God once again: "My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will."(Matthew 26, 37 – 46)

Jesus Brings the fear to God, receives strength and then can walk with peace. I often pray to God and ask him to give me strength to conquer my fears. You can also conquer your fears.

An entry from Renee B., Pfalzdorf

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