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At the crossroads – when people go their separate ways

Every one of you probably has a friend with whom you have been friends for years. Maybe even a few of you have experienced that your ways have parted at some time. That can sometimes be difficult to understand that a good friend suddenly goes another way and sometimes we do not want to understand.

I would like to read you a few examples.

Example 1:

Fritz goes to the boy’s group. His friend Fred also used to go to the group. Fred lurks around with his friends waiting for Fred. Fritz cannot evade them. He moves hesitantly along. They have already discovered him. „Where are you going?" asks Fred. Fritz is annoyed. „It’s nothing to do with you,“ he moans. „Nothing? Obviously you’re going to the boy’s group – we know that. You should go to the park with us." Fritz walks off.

„Leave me alone! See ya!" Then Fred grabs his arm. „You’re going with us." „Leave me — — —" Fritz retorts. „If you do not go with us, you can’t play with us anymore. It’s over! Forever. Make your decision," says Fred. Fritz wavers. He loves playing ball with his friends. Should he — should he not? Oh well, it’s only once. I’ll go then. I can go to the boy’s group next week. Fritz goes with Fred. He had chosen. Do you know what happened? He never came back to the boy’s group. Soon he was completely wedged into the club. He could be rowdy and swear and do everything he wanted. He soon became one of those who laugh at and tease the boys in his former group.

Example 2:

„Have you had a fight with Paul? Wasn’t he your best friend?" „Paul? Such a bad egg, my friend? Don’t make me laugh!" Ernst pulls Gustav’s hand. „Leave me alone!" „Paul wants to make up with you," says Ernst. „But I don’t want to!" screams Gustav hot-tempered. He wants to go but Ernst does not let him. He is scared for Gustav. „If you do not make up with Paul now, then —" „Then what —?"

„Then you won’t stay in the boy’s group." „Who says that?" „I say it. You are standing at a crossroads. One way or the other! Paul wants to make it up to you. Gustav, come on — please be nice." The bitter, bad-tempered reply came once again: „I am not going." Sadly, Ernst had to let him go. What he had feared soon came true. Gustav did not come ever again and he had had so much fun beforehand. Everything was in vain. Gustav did not only separate from Paul but from the good path of belief. Game over: finished. He regretted it later but he did not find his way back again.

Example 3:

Martin had a new hobby: Driving boats! Simon had encouraged him to do this; Simon, who he admires because of his dexterity and witty way. „But I go to the boy’s brigade" Simon shrugged his shoulders. „You can do. It has nothing to do with me. Martin soon had the feeling that the group spirit was different than he thought. The boys would swear, smoke cigarettes and indulged in beer and wine in a pub behind the club. Martin was sad. Is that necessary? He could stay away from the bad stories.

The water sport was his real passion. His passion, yes, but not the others passion. Soon it became: If you do not do everything with us, you’ll have to go. Martin fought a hard battle with himself. Water sport on one hand – boy’s brigade on the other hand? He pulled himself through. He decided to stop going to the sports club.

„I’m staying in the boy’s brigade." It was difficult but he later realised: Water sport is not a sin but everything that goes with it is simply another path. The path which leads away from God. Later, as Martin had become a group leader, he said to his boys: „I did not understand it, but I was standing in front of a choice: The way with Jesus on one side and on the other side: the way to internal death away from Jesus. I faced this. I thank God that he gave me the power to stick to my decision and to go God’s way."

What would you do if you had to choose? God will help you if you choose his way. It is the way to life! Each and every person comes to a crossroads where they have to decide who they want to follow and what they should do.

You too

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