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Devotion for the children’s group

Deposit bottle

What can I do with a deposit bottle? I get some money if I take it back. The bottle is really only „rented out“. You are not the owner; you only have the right to use it for a while. A returnable bottle which you do not return and leave hanging around, no longer serves its purpose. However you can now use the bottle and fill it with the wrong contents. That might mean that the label on the bottle no longer corresponds with the contents.

But what does that have to do with belief? Quite simple.

Your life is similar to a deposit bottle. Jesus gave you the gift of life. You are allowed to live your life how you see fit. You can also do what you want with your life. However your life is timed, your time on earth is a gift. As a Christian, if you only live your own life, this also does not serve the purpose. So make something of it. If you fill your life with the wrong contents, that can damage you and others. Jesus wants to use you and he would like to reuse the deposit bottle (with the correct contents) again and again and fill it with new joy and new energy.

Let yourself be filled.

A passage from "Show it with objects" a Christian publishing company in Dillenburg

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