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Something can be made from dough

Especially when working together with children it is important to use simple and illustrational comparisons to the word of God in order to bring it closer to the children. Which type of children’s group hasn’t already tried to bake and make something from dough? Such a devotion is suitable for this occasion.

The dough from which we can make something

Take a look at this dough, children. This is yeast dough. The dough has been made to produce a couple of buns. If I place this dough in the fridge because I cannot be bothered to work on the dough anymore, it will be rotten within a couple of days and can no longer be used. For this reason, it is important to keep on top of the dough so that it becomes what it was intended to be. Now you can see what can be made from dough. Tasty! Don’t you think?

God wants to make something of you

We humans are similar to this dough. God made us and he has a plan what should become of us. However, different to the dough, we can do something yourselves to help God achieve what he thought. We can read the Bible and learn all about what God had thought about when he produced human beings and we can take this path together with him. Then we will become just what he had planned, just like the buns. Here also applies: Hold on with God’s help and allow yourself to be kneaded and worked on through HIM to make sure that you become what God would like you to become.

This illustration was sent by Iris S. and used in the children’s church.

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