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„The duel“

1. Samuel 17, 1-54

12.00 Midday.

It is 12.00 midday. The main street is deserted and no one is around. The fronts of the house are on the left and right; Saloon, bank, church and houses. The wind blows a single leaf through the dust. In the background there is some spooky harmonica music; The Death March. Two men slowly enter the scene.

They are wearing a long coat, hat and have a colt at their sides. They scrutinise each other. Nothing seems to happen for ages.

Then one of them pulls their revolver fast as lighting and shoots. Bang!

The seemingly unfair duel

Another situation: Two armies stand opposite each other: peace. A couple of birds are circling the sky and there is soft crowing. One man steps forward and pushes his chest out. He is really gigantic. He slowly walks forwards. A little person emerges from the opposing army – it is a boy. He moves towards the giant fighter. They stand opposite each other. They seem to exchange words. Then everything happens quickly. The boy reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. He spins his catapult over his head. Everything became very quiet for a while – almost silent. The huge fighter slowly bends forwards and falls to the ground.


Two friends meet up. Who wins? Every one of you probably knows the second story of David and Goliath. It is the story of a boy fighting against a fighting machine with muscles like steel rope. Who wins?

I read the whole story at home once and it is amazing. I have always asked myself if I would have done this - Probably not. I would have wet myself with fear so why did David take part in this duel. Wasn’t he scared? The chances for him weren’t very good from an outsider’s point of view and it’s no wonder with that opponent.

David put himself up to the challenge because he trusted in God. Anyone who trusts in God wins. David trusts in God that he is with him and that his opponent will not get away with it. Goliath ridiculed the Israelites. David is quite certain that God will protect him. Anyone who trusts in God wins. David leaves the duel as a winner.

What does this look like for us? This also applies to us: Anyone who trusts God wins? If I take a look at my life, both sides apply. There are times when I place my full trust in God and there are times when I could wet myself with fear and don’t have any trust in God. If I go on a long bike ride I pray beforehand. My trust is very strong. Nothing has happened to me so far although I travel on lots of main roads with lots of traffic. My trust has not been disappointed yet.

Sometimes I do not have this good feeling. If I take a look into the future and think about everything which is going to come to me then the question usually arises: How should I manage all of this?

Sometimes we simply don’t know how it should go on. It is not so easy to simply trust God and to build on the fact that he is with me and that I am not alone and must manage everything myself.

How does this look like for us? Can you trust in God? Those who trust in God win. This works easier if we place our trust in God with small things and don’t want to deal with everything ourselves. I have to keep reminding myself of this so that I don’t let problems and difficulties get out of control. God wants to be with us and help us.

I want to invite you and myself to live a life with God. You can discuss your problems with him. I want to invite us all to thoroughly trust in God. He wants to be with us. I can also tell you about an example from my life [...]

Those who trust in God, win. Those who trust in God can know they are safe.

Author: This entry came from Christopher M. who has also provided many thoughts and ideas for group sessions. Many thanks for this material and other entries.

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