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The hummingbird and the stork

A fable about friendship

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: he that has found one has found a treasure."

(Sirach 6,14)

A hummingbird bragged to the Stork: „I am always the fastest bird. Should we make and bet and have a flying race?" - "Why not? “Said the Stork. "You can set off, I will follow." They crossed over a wide river. It was so wide you could not see the other side. The hummingbird climbed up steeply and shot away like lightning. The stork took his time. He flew through the air deliberately. It took a long time before the hummingbird had finally reached the middle of the river. He was exhausted and there was no branch and no stone in sight. He fell into the water.

Due to the fact that he is so light, the waves carried him. Then the stork came. "I’ve had enough", groaned the hummingbird. "Don’t you want to carry me for a little while?" - "..But of course." With his last bit of energy, the hummingbird flew onto the one of the stork’s legs and both of them made it to the other side. On the next day, the hummingbird made a suggestion "Couldn’t we…..." - "That is a brilliant idea,” said the stork “but this time you can hold onto my leg from the beginning.”

A good friend will help a person recognise themselves, help them learn to see their limits, help them come down from their pedestal and help them accept help. Jesus is such a reliable friend. How much patience does he have with us?! He accompanies us along the wrong paths. If we have brought ourselves into need with over confidence, he helps us out. He carries us. He accompanies us safely to our destination.

We should trust him! We should take him to our advantage! We shouldn’t only look for friends who are an advantage for us, but also those who are waiting for our help.

Kurt Selchow

With the kind permission of Advent-Verlag publishers
Translation from German into English by Youthwork-Practice.

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