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The football shirt from...

Have you got a football shirt from your favourite football team hanging in your wardrobe? There are some people who own such an item of clothing and wear it. You might own a goalkeeper strip from Oliver Kahn with a number 1 on it together with „Oliver Kahn Football gloves“, a football strip from Bayern Munich with the number 10 or a shirt from any other famous club.

Are you just as good a goalkeeper as Oliver Kahn? Are you as good a striker as players in the Premiership or a national team player? Surely not. The clothes alone do not make you into a good footballer. Even if you go into the stadium every Saturday or Sunday in the right outfit, it doesn’t mean that you are a player. Players are only those who do not watch, but move into action and play.

What makes you a Christian? Is it the clothing, a special way of behaving or a certain look? Obviously not. A Christian is a person who has taken Jesus into their heart as a saviour and not someone who simply practices behaving like a Christian. Being good, does not make you a Christian just like certain sport clothes do not make you a good sportsman. Going to church every Sunday does not make you a Christian. Even having the knowledge of how to become a Christian does not make you one. You must take Jesus into your heart personally so that he can renew everything.

How does it look? Are you really a true Christian? Or have you simply applied a pious exterior? You might be able to fool others, but not God. Are you really saved? If you do not know, then talk with the Lord Jesus, and ask him to come into your life.

A passage from "Show it with objects" a Christian publishing company in Dillenburg

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