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Free cities and what Golgotha has to do with it all.

(Theme – guilt and forgiving)

In the Old Testament (Joshua 20) there were Freistädte (free cities). These were places of escape, especially for people who had committed manslaughter and had killed someone without intent, where nothing could happen to them. This was actually a practical opportunity.

These free cities were chosen for the fact that they could be reached within a short amount of time. Several obstacles which were found on the way to the town, were cleared out of the way. Everyone should be able to find the next free city easily. No-one should be able to say that he was hindered, only because the path was in a poor condition or that he could not find the town. Everyone who reached the town was safe from being followed. What had chased the people into the town? Quite simple: their guilt and their wish to live in freedom with fear of being followed. Today there aren’t any more free cities. These are no longer required. A highway to God is built through Jesus himself. Jesus built this highway himself and it is free for everyone. There are no tolls to pay, no traffic lights and no stop signs. It is not possible to lose the way. The cross shows the way. The free city is called Golgotha.

The path, the way to God can be reached in no time at all if you leave everything behind you which stops you from running to Jesus. Kneel down low before HIM and recognise your own guilt. That can be easily done through prayer. Maybe you would now like to say: „there’s time for that later!“

Why do you think that the free cities of the past were positioned so that every “guilty person” could reach them in the shortest time possible? Quite simple: There wasn’t any time. The vendettas were on the heels of the guilty ones.

And today: How much time do you have to come clean with God? Who can say?!

If Jesus means something to you then don’t wait until tomorrow. You do not know what will happen tomorrow and maybe it will be too late. Think about something else: Today you can experience the feeling of security of belonging to Jesus. Today you can breathe out and do not have to flee anymore (from anything or anyone), because Jesus gives you safety, security and freedom.


This devotion has something to do with God’s offer to experience guilt and forgiveness. No-one has to flee to a free city. Everyone can flee there if they want to. It is exactly the same with Jesus. Jesus has prepared the way. No-one is obliged to take this path. However this path leads to freedom – Everyone can count on this.

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