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The Geiger counter

Everyone probably knows what a Geiger counter is. With this machine the inventor, Geiger, managed to prove the presence of dangerous atomic rays which is shown by the pointer on the Geiger counter.

The dangerous thing about atomic rays (radioactivity) is that we cannot see them. If we come into contact with such radioactivity, we do not notice anything at first. However a process of deterioration starts which attacks the body slowly and constantly. The Geiger counter is required to recognise dangerous sources.

There is a lot about sin and guilt in the bible. It is not recognised by many people, the sin and guilt disturbs our lives more and more – such as silently as the atomic rays. But what does the Geiger have to do with sin and guilt? What might represent our Geiger counter which recognises our sins and guilt?

The safe Geiger counter in our lives is our conscience. The conscience always lets us know when something is wrong. Everyone has probably already experienced this. The conscience is like the Geiger counter pointer which suddenly springs into action. At this point alarm bells should ring. What is the cause? What should I do no? It is not too late to turn around and bring yourself into safety. Those who ignore the signals run the risk if running into sure death.

Jesus have us all a conscience with his Holy Ghost. He loves us and would like to know he is with us. The conscience signalises whenever danger is present and tells us when we have distanced ourselves from his love. If you care about Jesus, watch out for the Geiger counter in your life.

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