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A glance in the mirror

Nothing is more taken for granted than our daily glance in the mirror. Every person wants to know what they look like at least once a day. This usually happens in the morning before we leave the house.

And some people do not really want to look in the mirror or exclaim:" What do I look like today – a mess!" However the image which the mirror throws back can be trusted. A good and useful mirror shows the reality – not like what is shown on this picture. A good mirror shows the unadulterated reality - directly.

It doe not matter whether the observer likes what he sees or not. This is simply expected from a mirror. If the mirror does not do this and shows a picture which does not relate to reality, then it has lost it’s sense and is no longer useful for the user, just like a picture.

The bible also talks about a mirror. It talks about a mirror which God gave to the people himself. However this mirror is not made of glass, but from God’s commitments. Just like every mirror, it shows the direct, unadulterated truth and reality. When a person looks at the commitments of God, he recognises how God sees him. The mirror of commitment shows the godly reality. Well, if it only did good. The person who knows to help himself in an emergency is well equipped.

The bible calls these guilty sins.
However God did not give us his mirror so that we get a good shock. He wants a lot more instead. He wants to show us humans, the reality of our guilt so that we can react in the right way and come to Jesus. Jesus took our guilt and sins upon himself and died on the cross for them. Freedom from doom will come for every person who accepts Jesus and begins a life with him.

Yes, and once we have experienced this freedom, we will certainly not be afraid of looking in the mirror anymore.

An entry by Eugen Wiebe

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