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He thinks – She thinks
Can the two find each other?

"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."
(John 7,37.38)

She thinks: "Everyday the same routine. In the morning – make the breakfast, wake up the children, make the sandwiches, coax everyone into action so that they all make it to the bus on time. Then clean up the kitchen, make the beds, go shopping and do the cooking. The children come back from school and fight over the biggest piece of pudding, moan about the vegetables. Then they need help with their homework. In the evening “he” comes home, gets his food warmed up, and eats silently while he reads the daily newspaper. The rest of the day is spent in front of the television. That’s how I spend the best years of my life, they run through my hands like sand."

He thinks: "I have already given up waiting for an incident which will make my life interesting. At work during the day there’s nothing but pettiness and aggravation. At home in the evening, there is nagging and squabbling. And no-one is happy with what they’ve got. Why I am here? It seems as if my purpose is to make money so that my family can survive and everyone can fulfil their own wishes - and my own wishes? Nobody asks about them. There’s no point thinking about it – I can’t change anything".

She thinks: "He has become so apathetic. He sometimes brought me flowers in the past, he used to ask how I was or take me for something to eat. I am not important to him anymore. He hardly looks at me anymore and when he kisses me hello or goodbye, it is as if he is kissing the wall".

He thinks: "She has let herself go, she always runs about in the same old jeans and jumper and her hair falls onto her face like tassels. Our love is used up". Do the two of them still have a chance of a relationship? Can they find each other again? In this case, the bible says “yes!” If we have a close relationship to our creator, he will fill us with his love and with his wealth. Then we can rediscover our partner and we will be astonished with his/her being.

Sylvia Renz

With the kind permission of the Advent-Verlag publishers
Translated from German into English by Youthwork-Practice.

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