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Got Sin? | Hide Your Sin!

A devotion with pictures about sins and how we deal with them.

Are you perfect? Of course not! We are ready to admit a few mistakes, but not any more?

We try to hide our sins so that nobody knows that we have them. It’s a shame that it doesn’t seem to work. Sin can not be simply pushed away and hidden behind a wall. We are all world champions in hiding our guilt. How many thoughts and how much time is spent so that no one notices our faults? Our minds run at full speed and we are highly creative in hiding our guilt.

There are mistakes which we would never admit. No one should ever find out about them. That is never allowed to happen. And then it starts… We use a broad brush to paint over our sin. There are so many apologies and explanations. We evade, cover up, talk our way out, and lie to ourselves and others. Painter by occupation.

Or – everything is a question of decoration. Things are sugarcoated (“it wasn’t so bad…”), or labels are attached or said: … without “this” or “that” life wouldn’t be so nice and would be absolutely boring. Our imaginations work at full speed when a specific sin is to be covered up. There are endless possibilities. Decorator by occupation.

Some of the lies are brazen. We use the lies to boast about ourselves. We elbow our way to the front without consideration for others and we climb over the backs of others to get to the top. Who of you wouldn’t want to be the best, to stand at the top of the winners rostrum, to be admired by all your friends? Who doesn’t sometimes use unfair measures, or at the cost of your best friend, to reach the goal? Egotist by occupation.

Some of us are very relaxed about sin and show it. “Hey everyone, look, it’s easy. I can toss aside this guilt. I am the strongest.” Braggert by occupation.

Guilt binds. You and your friends – you are the best. So, what is left? Hang out together and get caught together. Sometimes it’s easy to encourage each other and with these “so-called” good friends to go along with them. No one wants to lose a good friend or to stand there like a coward. It is very easy to put someone up to something so that afterwards you can slap each other on the back about it.

What happens when things become difficult? When consequences arise? Then we become active. We blame others. There are enough other shoulders on which to put the blame. Most unfair, but convenient and widespread.

Who hasn’t said: “He was there too…, he started it…, he’s more to blame…”? But then we overlook that our guilt is already much larger.

Even when we try to down play our guilt, to hide it, or to place it on others. When we are honest, it is a burden. The guilt wears us down. It pushes us to the bottom, regardless if we have a guilty conscious or through other ways and means.

We are at the end, we can’t deal with our problems and we really need help and then you determine that those former “good” friends turn away from you.

At some point we will realize that guilt divides us. Friends will leave us ( I don’t want to have anything to do with him…”). Suddenly we are left quite alone – except if we find a few like-minded friends, a clique in which the guilt binds all of us and thereby sinks us further into the quicksand.
Guilt separates you not only from your friends but also from God. It can even separate you from yourself and depress you. Then you’ve really hit bottom.

If it had to stay that way, it would be horrible. But we don’t have to stay guilty. Admitting one is a sinner is the first step to freedom, by him who carried our burdens. Jesus died for our sins so that we no longer have to be weighed down by our sins. Maybe you’ve heard this already from a good friend?

A tip: don’t go half way. Give him everything and hold nothing back; as the saying goes, “everything or nothing”.

If you put all of your burdens on the cross, your sins will be forgiven. If you do this, you will find that you are free and your new life begins.

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