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Hung out to dry...

Hung out school Hung out friends Hung out job Hung out belief

You do not want to leave too, do you? (John.6,67) Jesus asked this question once in this way. Not to just anyone, who did not really have anything to do with Jesus and who maybe only had a passing interest in being a Christian. No, of all people, he asked his disciples who had decided for Jesus, who had left everything behind them and wanted to follow him faithfully. Such a question can hit us, just like it hit the disciples.

Why did Jesus ask such a question? Surely not because he wanted to hear the word "NO". He asked because he knew about the doubts his colleagues had. Maybe everything had already become routine to one or the other, maybe it was a matter of prestige.

However no-one can follow even a little, especially not, when it seems to become so difficult. If the disciples were asked, you too are asked anew about being a Christian: Do you still want to? Or do you want to give up? For this reason, it was a great idea for Jesus to pose this question just like he did in the past and like he still does today, but asks us the question. It should give us a jolt, it should let us decide again and anew, even if the question can sometimes come across as uncomfortable or difficult.

Lots of people have already hung their Christianity out to dry. They have given up because with time, they have felt further and further away from Jesus. However the disciples weren’t quite ready to do this. How do you feel toward yourself and your belief with all of your doubts and large and small problems?

Jesus would like to be with you and be there for you. Let yourself be taken by the hand and feel his power, which can especially be felt in difficult situations. Without Jesus, you are lost.

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