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The magnet

Look at this magnet! It looks like a normal piece of iron. However there is a special power in this piece of iron. You can pull a nail out of the dust with this magnet; no dirt comes up with the nail. Therefore, when it is in action, we notice that the improbable magnet has unbelievable power hidden within.

Such a magnet is an excellent comparison whose secret lies in Jesus. Jesus Christ was like all other people, he looked like an ordinary mortal person; but as soon as someone came across Jesus, his power became visible.

With this “magnet”, the hand of God ran over our Earth and pulled the lost ones up from the dust. The power of God which lifts and saves was in Jesus. Ordinary people become “magnetic” through him and they can transfer his power to others. Whenever humans completely “hang” onto Jesus Christ, Jesus gives them the power to pass the word of deliverance onto others. That is the secret of the Holy Ghost. Peter, who had disclaimed before, became a confessor, a nameless person, a mass of people thrown together like dice become a community. The sad are comforted. Hearts, which shake with fear of death, are steadied. Sinners are pardoned. The Holy Ghost can do all of this.

He pulls us out of the dust.

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