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Modern idols

Introductory question:

  • What are idols?
  • What do you understand about them?

In the Old Testament, God was very annoyed because people did not worship him, but idols instead. They seemed to devote themselves to visible idols more than an invisible God.

We now no longer live in the Old Testament times and no one today would worship some idealistic images (there are bound to be a few exceptions). Despite this, the situation is not much different today. Ever today, we still run after some kind of idols: money, power, football or pop stars.

What else can you think of? What are the modern idols of today?

If you are serious about your relationship with God, then he takes the pole position in your life. Is Jesus important to you? You can test yourself! Imagine that Jesus came to you and asked you: "Would you be prepared to give up X or Y for me?" "Would you be prepared to give me X or Y?" What might you find to be too difficult and how might you fail to manage Jesus’ requests?

In the book according to Matthew in chapter 6, verses 19-21, there is a very suitable sentence: "Where you find your treasure, there is your heart!" You can ask yourself what your heart belongs to. Which things do you run after in life, which things are important in your life and do you spend your time? You will quickly realise how Jesus intended these questions.

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