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The (mouse)-trap

You have surely seen a mouse trap before. Those are the things with a wooden board and a strong piece of metal which, through the use of a spring, snaps shut at the slightest touch.

The best position for the mouse trap is to place the trap exactly where the mice run along – you want to be successful. Mice don’t exactly run voluntarily into the trap, therefore you will need some cheese or bacon (saying: „You will catch mice with bacon“) to place in the trap, set the spring and wait. The tempting scent encourages the mouse to take the cheese from the trap. She does not know anything about the deadly danger. She only wants the cheese. However she will not manage to get to the eating. The slightest movement and the trap snaps shut. Game over!

Such mouse traps can also be found in your life. However you are the poor little mouse who should be caught in the trap. The one, who wants to lure your into the trap is God’s opposite – the devil. He often lays the traps out exactly where you move along and exactly where you are not expecting it. It might be that you deliberately keep away from certain places or certain friends – in order to avoid being dragged into some nasty mess – but the devil will try to get you in a different way.

He starts off with trying to lure you into temptation with tempting things. Sins can be enjoyable, they might even be nice. However these tempting moments can take us prisoner, so much that we become mixed up in the commands of sin. Most people cannot manage to say no to sins. The goal of the devil is to lead you away from Jesus, or even to not let you get to Jesus at all. Satan lays out traps with very attractive bait. Think about your friends, your school and about television. Temptations are lying in wait everywhere, and some traps are particularly dangerous. Do not allow yourself to be talked into anything with the motto that “just a little sin cannot hurt”. Keep your eyes and ears open and trust Jesus.

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