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Nothing happens…

You are doing youth work for years. Week after week you tell the kids about Jesus Christ. And what is the use of it? Nothing!

Nothing happens at all! Not one of those kids wants to follow Jesus Christ and you are quite disappointed.

What might be the cause?

  1. Perhaps its because you never asked them …

  2. Perhaps it is because you never gave them the chance…

  3. Perhaps it is because you did not believe that God would give you the power and his holy ghost would support you…

Invite your kids to start their lives with Jesus Christ.

But be sure about the possible consequences because kids who take up such an invitation want to be escorted. I could always gain good experiences at camps by organising “witness evenings”. On such evenings staff members and the kids can tell each other how they found their faith. It is not as easy as it might seem, because it requires courage. Afterwards, everyone is allowed to stay, who has decided to live a life with Jesus Christ.

It requires courage, but is a good beginning.

Important hints:

  1. It has to be absolutely voluntary and without pressure

  2. The basic conditions must be right (calm atmosphere, no following program which causes time pressure)

  3. You need enough employers who believe in God and who can guide spiritual welfare conversations

  4. Place this evening in God’s hand. I am sure that something will happen.

Nothing happens…
… if you do not clearly invite the kids, to live a life with God.


Of course, there are many ways to find faith in God. But if Jesus Christ had not invited his disciples who knows what might have happened?

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