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The parable of the lost coin

(Luke 15,8-10)


Hide a 2 Euro coin without anyone noticing. Then you will send the whole group looking for the 2 Euro coin together. The kids will be pleased and will celebrate once they have found the coin. Everyone is bound to have experienced losing something and finding it again.


Jesus tells his disciples a story: A woman has ten silver coins. One silver coin is the equivalent to a daily wage. Lets say, a 50 Euro note nowadays. She has lost one so what does she do? She looks for it of course. You would also look for the 50 Euro note if you lost one. She turns the light on and looks for the coin. Not only that, she turns everything inside out to try and find it.

Search - Find – Be found

Maybe you will recognise this too: Every now and again (every three years or so) you clear out your bedroom and suddenly something which has been missing for a long time. The woman looks for coin very thoroughly because it is very important to her. Yes, and she does find it eventually.

That is just like before with the 2 Euro coin. You search and search and hopefully you will eventually find it. Then you are happy and tell others about it.

Obviously 2 Euros are not so extreme but if you lose a 50 Euro note or as house key, then that it something different. You search despairingly and if you find it you are filled with happy feelings. Maybe you have lost a key before too, then you will know how it feels.

Those who find things are allowed to be pleased

The woman told her friends and neighbours and invited them around. It is a lot of money to her. She then shared her joy.

After this story, Jesus said: „So, I say to you. There will be joy in front of the angels of God over a sinner who gives penance."

Now why that then? What does that have to do with a lost 2 Euro coin? Jesus says that there is exuberant joy when a sinner gives penance. It is as if God throws a party if just one person turns to him. A sinner is like a 2 Euro coin.

Lost – and not where it belongs.

Sin is a separation from God if I do not want to know about God and if I live against God’s wishes. Penance means turn around, that I accept my mistakes and that I allow myself to be found by God again. God wants us to return to him and wants us to allow ourselves to be found by him. God wants to be joyful. God wants to throw a party in heaven if one of us comes to him.

God wants every single one of us and he wants to find every single one of us again – a lot more than a 2 Euro coin or a key. He wants us to return to him. To Him, because we actually belong to him.

Author: This entry comes from Christopher M., who has supplied with numerous ideas for group sessions, devotion and thoughts. Many thanks for this and other entries.

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