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Jump into the unknown – parachute jump

parachute jump

Imagine a parachute jumper. He jumps from a height of over 5000 meters, with a speed of over 140 km/h he races towards the ground and at the last second he pulls the cord so that the parachute opens. He has complete confidence that the parachute will open.
This example should give us a comparison to a life with Jesus. The following consists of "knowledge, belief and trust."

The knowledge:

  • The parachute jumper knows that this is an exciting sport, he knows about the possible dangers and he talks to others about the sport and the dangers.

  • In following Jesus, we read the bible, talk with others about it, we know that God exists and that Jesus died for our sins.

The belief

  • The parachute jumper knows that the parachute will open but he must also believe that the parachute will really open. He must also be convinced that his sport is not any more dangerous than other types of sport.

  • In following Jesus, we have experienced God, have recognised Jesus and experienced his power. We have community with others in prayer and in conversation.

The trust

  • The parachute jumper jumps in the end. It is a jump full of trust with the knowledge that the parachute will open.

  • In following Jesus, we place our complete trust in Jesus. We will in total trust, because we know that there is someone there who holds us. There is a difference between understanding the bible and knowing what you should do, but actually living according the bible is not so easy. The best theoretical interpretation of the bible without a believable trust, does not mean anything. Knowledge is important, but without consequences and trust in Jesus, this is also useless. A life without complete trust in Jesus is a life in the dark, in fear, a life without energy and without joy. We live ourselves and trust ourselves.

A life without trust is a jump into the unknown!


  • Is Jesus your confident?

  • Do you trust him just like you would trust a parachute?

  • Have you delivered yourself completely to him by falling and letting him catch you?

  • Who is Jesus for you – answered completely personally and truthfully?

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