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Running away from God – but he runs behind us

Run away from God? Run away from life? God runs behind YOU because you are important to him.


Today I want to play a game. It is about running away and running behind. One person runs away and everybody else runs behind him.

There is a different way to play; the whole group runs away and one person runs behind.

Jesus runs behind everybody!

Jesus has experienced crowds of people running after him and that they ran away as it became uncomfortable. (Look up Johannes 6, 60- 71)

Unfortunately, sometimes the same thing happens in youth groups. As soon as some do not understand things correctly, if they are annoyed about something or if they are disappointed by others, they stay away or they cause problems.

They do not come anymore or they do not take part anymore. They run away from something they think is not cool or they can’t be bothered with although they have not realised what the whole thing is really about.

But when it becomes uncomfortable, we run away from Jesus!

Is that a solution? You take your anger and disappointment home with you and it is the same situation as before.

What then? If we were able to take off disappointment and frustration like a pullover, it would be easy. Or if we were able to pack those feelings into box

But of course it does not work that way.

  • What can we do?
  • What can we do with things which are absolutely lousy?
  • How can we handle the uncomfortable words God says?
  • What can we do if we are not able to understand Jesus?
  • What can we do if God goes against the grain with us?

Run away? Is that a solution?

Run away? Should you stop going? But when we sit there alone we will understand that we have to change something? So is it better to run away?

If I hurried to the place where sun rises or hid at the end of the sea, you would guide me and never leave me alone.

That is what the bible tells us about God. And I am convinced that it is true. I have experienced it and I am still experiencing it today. And I will experience it in the future.

When we say: “God knows you!” it is more than knowing our birthday, our shoe size etc.

God runs behind you, because YOU are important to him!

God runs behind us all the time. Not because he is being nasty but because he wants to be with us. You want to run away or say that you are not interested? You can do that by pushing God away from you.

He runs behind you until you have changed your mind and want to live your life together with him. If you say “I want to live with you and I want to do things like Jesus”, God wants to be close to you. That’s the reason why he runs behind you.

And if you say “I want that”, you will experience changes. Perhaps it won’t happen immediately but step by step. We run behind you to be there if you need help. That is what I understand in the phrase “to do what Jesus has done”.

Author: send in by Lars Dierich; CVJM Mettman, Germany

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