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Devotion: The parable of the salt of the earth

The gospel according to Matthew 5, 13

You are the salt of the earth. If the salt were no longer salty, what would we use to season food? It would be no use anymore and we would throw it to the ground and let it be trampled on by everyone.
In this thought, we look at the parable of salt. In early times, salt was something very valuable.
It was handled almost as valuably as gold. Salt really does have a few properties which make it very suitable for a parable. For this reason, Jesus would have used this parable himself to make it clear how important it is to believe and to pass on Jesus’ message. Those who get to know Jesus, experience change in their lives. Jesus does not want salt to become powerless and he surely does not want it to stay in the salt shaker and be thrown away eventually. He wants it to season things and “go” where it is needed. A little bit of salt can work wonders in a bland soup.

A Christian can work wonders in his environment – he can help where others would walk past without noticing and can open his mouth when others would keep quiet...

We can underline the power of salt using its properties as examples:

Salt seasons!

Salt is the seasoning in the soup. This seasoning works attractively with other flavours; something bland becomes lively again and brings joy.

Salt conserves!

Salt protects from rotting and kills the sins inside us. It would bring more peace in the world if everyone got to know and owned some salt. Without the conservation effect, our sins would eat us up.

Salt hurts!

Salt on a wound can be very painful. If Jesus wants to heal our wounds and our sins, then it can be painful for some people. Letting go of habits you have become fond of and allowing yourself to be changed by Jesus – that is a difficult decision.

Salt makes you thirsty!

Salt will make you thirsty for more experience with Jesus. Our growth in belief should make others thirsty and make us pass on our experiences to others. A life with Jesus without growth in belief would be powerless and the power of the salt would be lost.

Salt absorbs!

Salt absorbs water. Christians should have an absorbing effect on others – not a repelling one. When your friends notice that you are someone they can trust and not someone who is a bit mad or someone with a big mouth and nothing behind it - that will attract them.

Salt cleanses and changes!

Salt cleanses us and others. Let yourself be cleansed and changed by Jesus – even if it hurts because you will see, Jesus gives you the gift of life without you having to get tangled up in new problems.

Salt changes - Jesus changes your life and the lives of others completely.

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