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Stocks and bonds

Stocks and bonds

Do you know what this picture shows?

That is an historic share – without value!

These stocks and shares only have collectors value, otherwise it is worthless.

These bonds were very popular at one time. Earl Ferdinand de Lesseps founded the „Compagnie Universell du Canal Interoceanique de Panama“ in 1880 to realise the building of the Panama Canal. He had already had success with the building and financing of the Suez Canal. A large yield with enormous payouts was promised once again. However before everything could be realised, the company went bankrupt because the work was not done as quickly as planned. Over 800000 French people had invested in this company with shares, loans or bonus shares. The investors lost a total of over 1.8 billion gold francs.

Even today we still live from promises, bubbles of air, and possibilities of winnings. It doesn’t matter if it is the stock exchange, the prospect of profits from some dubious pyramid selling company or any other promising offers.

Not everything that shines is gold. We often realise very late that while trying to achieve the dreams of wealth, the money has disappeared into thin air.

If we think about the young rich man: He gave up a life with Jesus because of money. Had he known that he would stand there with less at the end of the day?

Do you know what is more important in your life?

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