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Succession has consequences

Have you thought about your religious duties before? No?! Then you should start now! You should already be aware that you should read the bible every day. You have to pray as well.

You should have already understood that you have to work with him. Not to mention that you have to give to charity and give up your spare time. Of course, you have to be truthful and not lie. I could list many more things but I hop that you have understood the main principles of how you can get close to Jesus.

STOP!!! What does the bible say about it?

In John 8,12 it says: „I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

You might now claim: „What does this verse have to do with duty?“ Correct! At first glance, nothing at all. But that is the point.

Jesus does not say anything about duties or laws which you have to stick to. Jesus does not apply any pressure. He does not make any demands of you. Only Jesus speaks and alone: „I am the light of the world! I have suffered for the world’s sins. I died on the cross for your sins. I gave my life for you because I love you.“ And Jesus calls you just like he called the first disciples: „Come and follow me!“ What does this “follow me” mean to me? It asks me for a decision without conditions:

Yes or no. Light or dark.

My “yes” means: Yes I want to follow you and give my whole life to you, Jesus. Yes, I want you to fulfil me and want to avoid being put under the pressure of self inflicted duties. Yes, I want to be a Christian and not just as a devout hobby for my own fun. Yes, I do not need my own recognition or the recognition of others, but I want the recognition of your love, my Lord. Yes, I want to lay my sins in front of you and take off my masks on in front of you. Yes, I want to deliver myself to you and give you control. Yes, I want to admit my mistakes and my failures to you and build my life on your forgiveness.

This is succession.

This is succession. Through this, you will come out of the darkness and into the light and will have the light of life. A “will” will become of a “must”. You will develop a deep longing for direction in your life and requirement for God’s word. Then you want to read the bible and pray. You want to work with him because you want to spread the joy of Jesus. You will want to apply your money and time for Jesus and you will want to live truthfully and truly because Jesus burns in your heart. Succession has consequences. Decide for yourself now and be truthful!

Author: This entry comes from Christopher M., who has supplied with numerous ideas for group sessions, devotion and thoughts. Many thanks for this and other entries.

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