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Devotions using objects as examples

Such a donkey!

Who hasn’t thought about a classmate or an acquaintance in this derogatory way? Maybe while playing football, while doing sport or during a lesson in school or in the youth group.

Who wants to be a donkey or to be called such a name? Every one of us wants to be a big „star“ and wants to be looked up to and idolised by others.

It is written in the New Testament that Jesus cared especially for the donkeys. Peter was down in the dumps when he came back from an unsuccessful fishing trip and was then chosen by Jesus for a much larger task. Peter promised to devote his life to Jesus but as the going got dangerous, he crept away and renounced his master. Despite this, Jesus managed to act a lot through him.

There was a young, rich man who could surely claim that he had fulfilled all commandments and norms and that he without fault. However Jesus had to tell him that he had not realised the most important thing. God has a different measuring stick than humans.

Lots of men, women, children and youths who are described as a donkey by their fellow man, those who have been scorned and judged, have been used and used for great things by God. Human fame, power and money are not important in front of God. Important is that we allow ourselves to be used by him.

Just like Jesus said: „The Son of Man came to look for and to save those who are lost (the donkeys). “

He will also search for you, even if others say that you are a donkey.

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