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Such rubbish…

(Epistle to the Philippians 3,8)

Do you collect rubbish too? Do you run after every bit of rubbish? Are you addicted?

Probably not! You might collect Pokemon cards, Panini football cards, beer mats, stamps, old toys, dolls or anything else for that matter. Of course you would never come across the idea that it is rubbish. You would be offended if someone said “what rubbish", how can anyone be so stupid to shell out so much money for a collection. Ok! You would say: "There are always stupid people and everyone has their own taste!" That’s true and of course, no-one would actually admit to being addicted to something!

What is the rubbish worth?

You would say – unbelievably valuable! Someone else would look at it and see it as worthless. That is the unfortunate thing about collecting, we usually pay too much and only notice when we sell it that we do not get back the money which we invested. The worst thing is you have to find someone daft enough to buy the things from you which you believe to be valuable.

Have you changed your mind?

For sure! There should be people who have principles and there are also people who do not have any opinion at all. Both sides are too one-sided and not good. It is good if you can build an opinion and are also capable of changing your opinion. Paul of Tarsus was such a person. He followed the Christians. He was adamant. That was his task in life for a certain amount. We all know how it came to a u-turn in his life. Suddenly everything before became unimportant, worthless, rubbish in comparison to what he had now found (Comparison (epistle to the Philippians 3, 8)).

Change of status – important becomes unimportant

That is to be understood as if everything which was important to you before, or still is important, suddenly becomes unimportant just because you have got to know Jesus and he has changed everything in your life. Your friends would rub their eyes and shake their heads when they suddenly realise that you are not like you used to be. Collecting Pokemon cards whatever the price, wanting to be the star in the football team, always wanting to be a cool person; those things were important to you and your thoughts.

But now? Only Jesus counts now. That doesn’t mean that are no longer allowed to play football well or that you have to give up collecting Pokemon cards or other things. No, but these things are no longer so important. Let yourself be surprised how Jesus can reorganise your life. Jesus can even change the most hardened, addicted person who runs after something important. Then everything which was once important becomes rubbish!

Further points to think about:

  • For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6, 21)! Where is your treasure?
  • What is important in life? In the story of the rich youth (Lukas 18,18-30) money was more important than Jesus! What would you reply if Jesus asked you this question?

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