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The Telephone – a faultless connection?

A practical youth group devotion

The telephone or handy (cell phone) has become an integral part of everyday life. Without the telephone nothing would work. Everyone of us likes to chat with our friends on the phone. Sometimes it can take hours and one talks about important or irrelevant matters.

In the last youth group meeting we had the parable of a grapevine. One picture, that is eerily important that we stay connected to the grapevine. If this connection is capped, then our faith doesn’t work any more – the faith is dead. How can we keep a connection with the grapevine? What is important, in that we can stay in contact and through the connection our faith can grow?

One point is that through prayer with God we stay connected. This is similar to a telephone. But how? There are various known situations.

  • The telephone is unplugged or the handy is turned off, because you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • It rings and you don’t answer it: it’s possible that you don’t have the time to speak with God. Something has come up, you are stressed and have no time. Or no desire?
  • It rings and your answering machine turns on and promises that you’ll call back: unfortunately you don’t and forget to call due to the hectic pace of your life.
  • You grab the receiver and call Jesus when you’re not doing well and you need help. In other words, you call the emergency telephone number only in emergencies, “the hotline” in particular situations.
  • You look forward everyday to your phone chat with God. You announce yourself and take as much time as you need. Jesus does not come inconveniently when he calls you.

To Think About:

  • How much time do you spend talking to your friends? How much time do you spend for talks (prayer) with Jesus?
  • Do you accept a call from God or do you let the phone ring and delay calling back until later?
  • Does a really good conversation take place only when you need help, or when it suits you, when Jesus doesn’t disturb you?
  • Is there even a connection at hand? Or is the connection a “dead line”? There is no connection at this number!

Call out to me when trouble comes. I will save you. And you will honor me.
(Psalms 50:15)

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