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100 tips for staff

Tip 45 - 52

In Chapter 4 verse 6 until chapter 5 verse 2 in 1. Timothy there is also no shortage of tips. Do not gossip but use your energy sensibly. There is also something to say about whether how old you are is important and what you should be aware of.

  1. Do not gossip but use your energy and your time sensibly for God

    It is a part of human nature that we like to gossip about others and especially about those who are not there. If you let yourself be pulled into this as a youth leader you have given up your “impartiality” and your “neutrality” and have damaged the rules of “equal treatment of all”.

  2. Be a role model in everything you do

    The role function is mentioned once again. In all things: your behaviour towards alcohol and nicotine, towards the opposite sex, towards your fellow humans, your parents and teachers. What do you think about your truthfulness, not only within the group but also privately?

  3. Do not let yourself be misled by those who think you are too young

    How old do you have to be to act as a member of staff/group leader in youth work? Ok, there are a few legal guidelines which must be followed (see details here….), but a 13 year old could actually make a very good member of staff. I myself became a member of staff at 13 and a group leader at 14 years old. That worked even though I do some things differently now. It did not matter whether it was a devotion or when carrying out program points, the group members in those days were always interested. Therefore age does not always play such a decisive role – that is also underlines by the bible verses mentioned above.

  4. Place your trust and your hope in God and no one else

    Anyone who counts on God and trusts in HIM, is always better led than those who only trust in themselves. Those who trust in themselves lose their circumspection and thinks that they can manage everything alone. Those who trust in someone else is (sometimes) left standing there. This is a saying which unfortunately often comes true.

  5. Pass on God’s word genuinely and preserve it for yourself. Do not let yourself be dissuaded

    Anyone who uses the bible to support what he needs to say at the time is falsifying the bible. Bring God’s word closer to the children and youths – truthfully, but so that they can understand and accept it. One thing which is just as important and a requirement for you: that you have already accepted God’s word and most importantly – that you have cherished the words inside you and will not let yourself be dissuaded tomorrow.

In 2.Timothy 3, 14-15 the main point is to remember who your teachers were. On the one side you, as a youth leader, are a „type of teacher” and on the other side, you were certain to have had teachers who have helped you in your life and in your faith. However it might be the case to: hold onto and direct yourself towards God’s word.

  1. Listen to your teacher

    Not only you are a „teacher“ for your group members who you try to bring closer to the bible but you yourself also have teachers who have taught you and are still teaching you things. These might be older members of the community, the vicar or a pastor. Exchanging thoughts with an experienced youth leader or a pastor who you trust can bring you a lot.

  2. Hold onto your faith

    A youth leader must also hold on tight to their faith and may not let go or let it loosen. Obviously there are highs and lows but holding onto your faith is important.

  3. Orientate yourself to the bible

    We often face decisions and we often miss the orientation where and how to move forward. Take a look in the bible and maybe you will find the right answer to your question. Just like the tips mentioned in the bible for members of staff, there are lots more tips for all situations in life. There is a lot to discover. „Discover the possibilities” is an advertising slogan from a furniture stores but it also suits the bible very well.

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