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100 tips for staff

Tip 91 - 100

You are sure to have hard this before: Anyone who starts things and does not finish them has not gotten very far. It is better to bring things we start to an end. This only works if you do not let yourself get bogged down. However there are workers who simply cannot make a decision. Just like the disciples were not allowed to be half-hearted – the examples of this were mentioned by Jesus – work may also not be half-hearted. No one profits from that. Lots of things which you start and do not finish could have been considered beforehand to find out if they would work. Concentrate on the things which can work and with which you can achieve something for yourself and for Jesus. Let yourself be guided by God and pray that he will open your eyes to the essentials because: Half things are nothing and half-hearted members of staff are not reliable staff members. (Compare Revelations 3, 14-21)

  1. Do not run hot and cold but decide “completely or not at all"

    Completely or not at all: There are no half Christians – Jesus had also tried to make that clear to the disciples. Completely or not at all is also valid for you as a youth leader. I can be bothered today but I have something more important tomorrow and maybe the day after I’ll be ready again – this is not reliable and committed youth work and it is better to leave it. That is better for everyone.

  2. Half things don’t bring anything

    Do not start 1000 things at the same time. You will never manage to finish anything. Prefer to do one thing decently than get two things only half done. A person “with their finger in every pie” is not successful. Even if you think that you are needed at all ends, accept that it is better to do one thing completely and correctly than starting lots of other things and never bringing them to a close. The day only has 24 hours and you only have two hands.

Here are a couple of instructions to jog the memory once again which are mentioned in Revelations 2, 1 et seq, or in 2.Timothy 4 in a similar form. Being able to listen, not getting irate but thinking before speaking are some tips which are not so easy to interpret for some people. Another thing which is important: Do not give mean people in your group any space and turn God’s words into actions (compare James 1, 19-22 and 3, 4-6)

  1. You cannot manage things on your own back

    We have already read this in other parts of the text. Christian youth work lives from the power of faith. Anyone who tries to do it with their own power will not be successful and will not experience any „fruitful” youth work.

  2. Do everything with trust in God

    If we no longer believe that any progress is being made within the group with reference to faith then trust in God. Place the group in his hands and you will be amazed how it works.

  3. You are qualified to preach the gospel

    With complete trust in God you are qualified to pass on his gospel. The statement is valid.

  4. Listen well

    Can you listen to your group? Can you hear the need in their voices? Can you see and hear any unfairness? You should approach your kids with open eyes and ears.

  5. Think before you answer

    Quick answers are often ill-considered, unbalanced or too short. Give yourself time and give yourself 1-2 days time if necessary. In certain cases, to sleep on things and to think them over cannot do any damage.

  6. Protect yourself from uncontrolled anger

    There are situations which do not run as we would like and there are situations where we are so surprised by our group member’s bad behaviour that we are almost ready to explode with anger. If we let ourselves say hurtful words or do hurtful things it would be a shame (even if it might be understandable in the situation). Despite everything: keep calm. How did Jesus put it? „... For you know what you do!” Your group members are much younger than you, have less „life experience” and are more careless. You were young too once upon a time and “messed up” some things. Therefore try to remain calm and try to lead a conversation because talking is better and insight is better than letting your anger run wild.

  7. Consciously separate yourself from meanness and evil

    Do not suffer any meanness in your group. Talk with the participants and set clear rules. Anyone who does not adhere to the rules must reckon with the consequences.

  8. Do not just listen to God’s word but act on it – anything else would be self deception

    We have already read this in one or two other tips. It does not help anything just to listen to God’s words because the actions – your actions – must relate to them. You cannot tell the kids all about God’s love if you yourself do not experience the love. You cannot invite your kids to follow Jesus if you do not follow HIM yourself. With such behaviour you would only deceive yourself and your group members.

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