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A torch is a practical thing. No camp would take place without a torch. If you need to go out of the tent at night without a torch? Oh, oh!

A torch gives us safety and gives us light. However a torch is only useful if the batteries have enough power and if the bulb works. Sometimes the contact to the bulb is broken or there is some other blockage to the electricity flow. What has all of this got to do with your life?

Light and direction in life is important for your survival. Jesus wants to give us light and direction. He would like to be our source of power, a bit like the batteries in a torch. The batteries must be regularly recharged. That can happen in prayer, by reading the bible and by listening to God’s word.

Despite this and despite the recharged batteries it can happen that something is still missing. There are many things in our lives which can block the connection and the contact with Jesus. If you, for example, put a picture, money or dirt between the contacts, the connection is broken. Maybe the contact is even rusted up. Then clean everything thoroughly and remove everything which blocks the way.

If its money, dirty pictures, computer, girlfriends and boyfriends or anything else which become most important and busies us and if we concentrate on this so that we forget about God, we have reached a critical point. We must clean out otherwise the contacts begin to rust.

Jesus Christ said about himself: "I am the light of the world." (John 8,12)

He also wants to be your light and always light your way.

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