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Trust in God

This story about a tight rope walker is always a nice example of how it is easy to watch and observe things from a safe distance, but when it comes to becoming active and risking something yourself, it is a lot more difficult.

A tight rope walker balances high above the heads of spectators at dizzying heights, strung between church steeple and town hall. It was a long, dangerous length. A soon as the artist achieved his goal, the masses applaud enthusiastically, and demanded an encore. “Do you think that I can manage to make it back over the dangerous rope?” he shouted to the spectators. “But of course, of course” they shouted back. So the man balanced once more on the dizzying rope. As he reached the end , the crowds clapped and stamped, and again shouted enthusiastically “Encore Encore!”. And so the tight rope walker took a wheelbarrow and shouted down “Do you think I can manage it with this wheel barrow?”. The crowds looked up spellbound. Crossing a thin, dangerous 200m high and unstable rope with a wheelbarrow? Yet someone from amongst the crowd shouted up: “You can do it! I believe you can, you’ll manage it for sure!”. Upon which the tight rope walker shouted: “You think I can manage this? Then come up here and sit in the wheelbarrow!”

At some point each of us has to decide. At some point all of us need to go into the wheelbarrow. If you are serious about Jesus, then you may trust HIM completely and place your life in his hands.
A contribution from Chris.

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