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The wind or the invisible companion

You cannot see the wind. However you can see its effects. Wind can be refreshing in summer, can disturb during a strong autumn storm, it can run a wind turbine and can push a sailing boat along. In all of these cases, you cannot see the wind but you can recognise and feel the most different effects.

Jesus once said that the Holy Ghost is like the wind (John 3,8). You cannot see him but you can hear him and observe his effects everywhere. That is the thing about the Holy Ghost. He is there although we cannot see him.

The Holy Ghost is not a spook, no ghost like we know from television shows because he is real. He is here, now and here in this room and wherever you find yourself. You can feel his spirit, Sometimes as a joyful feeling, that you carry Jesus in your heart, but maybe also as a conscience if you have “lent” something which is not yours or if you have told such a convincing story that your parents/friends have believed you again. Listen to your conscience. It is a wise compass when something is wrong.

The Holy Ghost is like the wind. He is always there and engulfs you. He is the motor and steering in your life. He is knowledge and a compass in stormy times. The Holy Ghost gives you the love, the trust, the peace, the serenity and the joy in association with your friends. No-one can see your companion but everyone will feel him in you.

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