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Carpet Tile Games

Carpet Tile Games
Carpet Tile Games

The category Carpet Tile Games came together due on request. I was asked for games involving carpet tiles. Just from the top of my head, I could come up with 10 different games. However, the more I thought about it, them more game ideas I had.

Carpet Tile Games excel through a lot of movement. They involve mobility skills, coordination of movements, balance, as well as cooperation with group members are in high demand.

For example, two people have to stand back to back on one tile, yet, they have to move forwards together. Or they have to stand on three tiles and move together in the well-known 3-Leg-Race to cover a certain distance. Those games, of course, can only be played on a smooth surface, like a hallway or PVC floor covering.

Carpet Tile Games
Carpet Tile Games

You can get those tiles for free, wherever carpets are sold. Often you will also get old carpets, which you then have to cut into 30x40 tiles. That makes them also easy to store in the cupboard.

Games with Carpet Tiles

Everyone is invited to send more ideas. I am sure, some of the games listed here you will already know. Some others are variations from the category: blankets, newspaper and some are even variations of ball games.

  1. Seat Football

    Two opposing teams are sitting on tiles. The objective is, to get a foam ball or balloon into the other team’s goal by sliding around on the tile.

  2. Carpet tiles Frisbee

    The objective of this game is, to throw the tile to another kid, which has to catch it and throw it again. Preferably those kids are 4 – 8 meters apart. How many times can you do that in a given time?

  1. Carpet tiles target throw

    The objective of this game is that all kids have to throw the tile into a goal. This could be a bathtub, or on a table or anything else, you can think of. Whenever the goal is reached – it stays in the bathtub or on the table you score one point.

    You can also throw them, like with a real goal, through an opening. Another alternative could be to throw the tile at a marked area (blanket or tap). The objective here would be, to cover the blanket skilfully with tiles so that you cannot see anything of the blanket anymore. Start with a smaller area and expand upon the skills of the kids.

  2. Butt title race

    This game, for example, could be a relay game. One kid sits on a tile and tries to get from A – B. The fastest member wins.

  3. Knee Tile slides

    Like with the game above, only this time the contestant has to kneel on the tile, trying to get from A-B. This game requires using different muscles and movements.

Carpet Tile Games
Carpet Tile Games

Carpet Tile Games
Carpet Tile Games

  1. Hands-feet-tile caterpillar

    Each kid receives two tiles. One supports the hands; the other tile supports the feet. The objective is, to move forwards, backwards or sideways making the appropriate movements.

    A more challenging alternative would be that more people are standing back to back, having to move in accordance. In other words, each person holds on to the ankles of the person in front.

  2. Carpet Tile Games
    Carpet Tile Games

    Sliding Tiles

    One candidate runs up to a tile with the objective to slide as far as possible. That can only be played on a smooth surface.

  3. Tiles Skating

    Each foot stands on a tile. The objective is for the participant to slide as quickly as possible from A – B without stepping off the tile.

  4. Carpet Tile Games
    Carpet Tile Games

  5. 3 Tile Race

    Like already mentioned above. 2 kids are standing on 3 tiles. With other words. The left foot of one player stands with the right foot of the other player on one tile. The objective is to get as fast as possible from A – B without stepping off the tile.

  6. 2 – Tile Race

    In this game, two candidates are standing on 2 tiles at the time. The objective is the same as above; getting from A – B as quickly as possible. Both races require a great coordination of movements.

  7. Clamping Tiles

    This game can serve as a relay game and can be played in different variations.

    • Clamp a tile between your knees and run as quickly as possible without losing the tile.
    • 2 kids are facing each other with a tile clamped between their bellies.
    • 2 kids are standing butt to butt with a tile in-between.
  8. Tiles Hopping

    Each team, 5 – 10 people receive 3 – 4 tiles. The objective for each team is to get as quickly as possible from A – B. The challenge is, not to step on the floor. The trick here is, to always get the tiles behind the person and throw it ahead. But who knows, maybe the teams come up with their own ideas.

    To make this game a bit more challenging, reduce the number of tiles.

  9. Tiles Transporter

    For this game, you will need bigger tiles or carpet leftovers. The objective is to carry an object or even a person from A – B or through an obstacle course.

  10. Tiles Towing

    One kid sits on a tile, and the other kids must tow it through an obstacle course or around a cone. The faster team wins.

  11. Tiles Carousel

    On candidate sits on a tile. Now, with the help of a rope, or even by holding the kid by his feet, try to spin him around as fast as possible. Make sure there is a leverage of 2 – 3 meters to walls so that no one gets injured. The best place to play this game is the middle of a hall.

  12. Spinning Tile

    Similar to the spinning tiles, one kid sits on the tile. Now, another kid takes him by his feet and tries to spin him as fast as possible and then letting go of him. The objective is, to throw the kid as far as possible. Make sure there is a safety distance of 4 – 5 meters from all walls. The middle of the hall would be the safest place.

  13. Safety Island

    The objective of this game is to get as many as possible kids on one carpet tile.

  14. Wheelbarrow race

    Similar to the wheelbarrow race, only here, one kid sits on a tile, while the other kids push it as hard as possible.

  15. Straddle the Tile

    Carpet Tile Games
    Carpet Tile Games

    The objective is, to stand with one foot each on a tile. Then part your feet slowly. Be careful that could happen quickly on a smooth surface.

  16. Journey to Jerusalem

    Put several tiles on the floor. Make sure there is one less then there are kids. All kids are running around as long as the music is playing. When it stops, each one has to step on a tile. The one who has not got a tile will be eliminated.

    Alternatively, two or three kids can stand on one tile.

  17. Tiles Motor

    Use the tile to fan a cotton ball through an obstacle course.

  18. Tiles System

    Each kid receives a tile and bends it in half. The objective is to stand as close as possible to the next person and connect your tile to theirs. At the beginning of this pipe, the team leader will put a table tennis ball, which is supposed to roll all the way down to the other end.

    To make the game a little bit harder, you can ask the kids, as soon as the table tennis ball has passed them to run to the other end of the pipe and connect their tile once again. With 10 – 20 people this game could be endless.

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