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Conker games

In autumn when the conkers are ripe, an entire games evening can be created with conkers.

  1. Target throwing

    Three different-sized buckets are placed at varying distances. Each participant receives 3 (5) conkers and throws them into the various vessels. Depending on difficulty, each bucket has a different point value.

  2. Pyramid building

    Using 20-30 conkers, each group attempts to build the tallest pyramid. Which group will create the tallest structure?

  3. Rolling conkers

    Each person selects a conker and rolls it down a ramp (slanted board). Which conker will roll the furthest?

  4. Building conker-people

    Each group receives a box of matches, a bradawl (or something similar) and several conkers. Using these materials each group has to make conker-people. After making, the ‘people’ are judged.

  5. Stuffing conkers into a sock

    Who will manage to stuff the most conkers into a sock without it ripping? The sock should be hung to a rope using a safety pin..

  1. Can shooting

    Attempt to knock cans over using conkers. Who can knock the most cans off a table using 5 conkers? Or who can hit the most cans hanging from a tree?

  2. Target throwing 2

    Hang a bucket from a tree. From a distance of 2-3 metres attempt to throw conkers into the bucket.

  3. Conker boules

    In the group hall play conker-boules. In this game, attempts have to be made to get each conker as close as possible to a small wooden ball (demarcated circle). For the first winner 3 points are to be given, for the 2nd, 2 points and for the 3rd, 1 point. Who will have the most points after 10 rounds? The conkers should be marked before hand (crosses, circles, squares)

  4. Tower construction

    Using tooth picks and conkers, build a tall tower. Who can build the highest tower? The number of toothpicks and conkers can be limited or a specified amount of time can be allocated.

Also see potato games.

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