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Drain pipe Games

You can find drainage pipes on almost every building site amongst their waste. Just ask. If you need longer drainage pipes you can get them fairly inexpensive at every building materials store. Since drainage pipes are a little bit bulky, it might be an idea to store them in a basement or keep them in a garage till the next gaming event.

Drainage pipes offer themselves for a wide range of skill games, which promote gross – and fine motor skills. However, in most cases, they are cooperation games.

Certainly not all, but most game ideas can also be played with plastic downspouts. Sometimes the hose of a washing machine will do as well.

As it is with many games, while you are preparing them, you might think of new ideas or variations. Let yourself be inspired to come up with your own ideas.

  1. Skills

    You will need a 120cm long drainage pipe and hold this like a U. At the bottom you put a tennis ball. The objective is, while you are rocking the pipe to get the ball to pop out, in a way, so that you can catch it with the other opening of the pipe.

  2. Long range shot

    Put a tennis ball into a drainage pipe. One end of the pipe has to be plugged with a paper stopper. The objective is, catapult the ball out of the pipe by rotating the pipe. Who manages the longest shot?

  3. Target Shooting

    The drainage tube is held upwards with one opening. The lower opening is well guarded by another player. While a tennis ball is inserted into the upper end and tumbles down, the player at the lower end guides the ball in a way that it rolls into a set target. As an alternative you can set several targets, for which you can receive a different score. Each team gets 5 shots. The team with the higher score wins.

  4. Pont du Gard

    Each team member receives a 120 cm long drainage pipe. The pipes have to be held together in a way, so that the player without a tube can pour 10l water through the pipes, which on the other side flows into a bucket. The team, which collects the most water wins.

  5. Mining

    A drainage pipe is suspended in the air, with 2 ropes attached at the end. Left and right of the pipe, in a 50cm distance, you place a bucket. Using a ladder, the other players have to climb up and pour sand (soil or water) into the pipe. Another player now, with the help of the ropes tries to pull the pipe in the respective direction so that the sand (soil or water) can flow into the buckets. Which team is fastest? Which team dropped the least sand (soil or water) next to the buckets?

    Alternative: the player in charge of the ropes changes with every new filling.

  6. Snake movements

    A 20-meter long drainage tube is held by the entire group. The team leader places a tennis ball into the tube and lets it tumble down, where the ball falls into a bucket. Now one player takes the ball out and puts it back into the tube and lets the ball roll back to the other side where it again falls into a bucket. How many times can the team manage to “send” the ball through the tube at a set time? How long does the team take to “send” the ball 4x back and forth through the tube?

  7. Line of communication

    The approximately 20-meter-long tube is used as a phone line. Specified terms or sentences have to be passed on to another player at the end of the tube. How many of the terms or sentences make it to the other end without any distortion.

  8. Anteater

    The drainage pipe is the drain pipe is used for the collection of objects (tennis balls, small pebbles, and wooden blocks). Through lifting the pipe the collected item falls on the other side in a bucket. The bucket is attached to the belt of a child. How long does it take for each team to collect 10-20 items?

  9. Tower spiral

    A 3-4 meter long drainage pipe is wrapped around the player. The upper end of the pipe is held upwards, just that much that he still is able to throw, with the other hand, a tennis ball into the tube. The lower end of the tube is attached to the right or left foot of the player. The objective now is, that the ball, which is inserted, will meet a certain target in a distance of about 1m. The player can succeed through clever and skilful lifting and lowering of his leg. Body coordination, balance and skill is required for this game.

    Alternative: instead of a tennis ball water can be used. The player is required to fill 10 glasses, which are placed next to each other.

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