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Games with dustbin bags

With plastic foil, bin bags, old washed out plastic turf sacks, and all kinds of packaging foil, a plastic-foil-bin-bag-games-evening can take place. Plastic foil and plastic bags are available free of charge from the recycling centre or a large roll of bin bags is cheap to buy from the hardware store

  1. The newest bin bag fashion (the designer contest)

    With help from different coloured plastic foils, the most fabulous designer clothes can be created. Transparent, bold, casual, loose or short and tight- anything is possible. Which team will win the designer contest?

  1. Transportation task (the technical contest)

    This challenge lies in making a pipeline over several metres using plastic foil (.e.g. cling film). Depending on the area, this can be challenging for the teams. Once the pipeline is finished, it needs to be tested. 10 litres of water are put through the pipeline (canal). How many litres will reach the tub below?

  2. Speed (speed-contest)

    With old turf sacks have a sack-race on a lawn.

  3. Plastic band creation (the skill contest)

    Using scissors a plastic bag is cut in a way to make a long, connected plastic band. Whoever cuts the band by accident has bad luck.

  4. Aqueduct (the practical contest)

    Approximately 5-10 people sit behind each other. Each holds a bin bag over their head and then all the bin bags are held to overlap one another in such a way that water can flow from front to back without it leaking at any point. A participant or group leader tests the functionality afterwards by pouring one litre onto the back which should reach a tub at the front most participant. Instead of plastic bags a cling film length can be used. With this game, as part of the rules someone or everyone is guaranteed to get wet.

  1. Water transport (the transport-contest)

    The group tries to transport water using 2-3 plastic bags. How much water can be transported from A-B within 1-2 minutes?

  2. Rider Battle (the tournament-Contest)

    A plastic bag is cut into strips. Each rider has a plastic strip placed into their waistband. Following this the rider-battle begins. The person who no longer has the plastic strip in their waistband is out.

  3. Water displacement (the displacement contest)

    A tub is filled to just under the rim with water. Then the candidate has to hold a plastic bag in the water and blow it up. By blowing it up the water is pushed to the edge of the tub and flows over the rim. How much water can be swept over the side in this way?

    How can you measure?
    1. The spilled water is scooped back up and put into a tub where it can be counted via a measuring jug.
    2. Or the tub is weighed before and after the water-displacement..

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