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Hockey Games with the hockey stick

What makes hockey interesting?

Hockey Games
Hockey Games

Usually, hockey is referred to ice hockey, a game more for men than for women and partly very rough. But there is also a lawn or indoor hockey. The stereotype, that hockey is just something for men and thugs just simply does not proof right.

Instead, hockey is a very fast, very intensive motion game, demanding a great deal of technique. (Ball control, sliding, stopping), tactics (defend, attack, man- or zone defence, free running, etc.). Besides that, it demands great team spirit.

The educational and psychosocial aspects of hockey are all coming into play here. Skill, speed, responsiveness, gross and fine motor skills, tactics, teamwork, coordination, cooperation, physical condition; they all play a significant role. In particular, the interaction, to communicate with each other. Team- and a competitive spirit promote social skills and teach social interaction mainly while playing. Individual fighters and brawlers will not get far in this game. Therefore, this game is also very well suited for co-educational groups. Hockey is one of those games highly suitable to learn team spirit and experience that at the same time. The learning experience for individuals is integration into a team. This means bearing criticism, (in reflection) while at the same time contributing with their own ideas. Many of these skills and aspects can also be found in other team sports, but in hockey they are particularly pronounced.

The games listed below are not really suitable for the development of technique and tactical improvement. Merely they are a collection of ideas to show you what you can do with one or two hockey sticks. There are games for play stations (school carnival, city festival, play street, etc.) as well as such games where you can play hockey with or against each other.

Other ideas for this new and emerging gaming section are gladly welcomed.

Season games, skill games and competition games using a hockey stick

  1. Target shooting with the hockey stick and a ball (or puck)

    • in a goal from a 10 meters’ distance
    • in a target field
    • pushing the ball ( the puck) as closely as possible to the edge of the field.
  2. Bandy Hockey:

    Just as in pool, you need to get the puck (ball) into a target by hitting the boards. – The player hits the ball from a 2-meter distance and plays it against the wall. Bouncing off there the ball is supposed to hit a target. For every hit, you get a point.

  3. Aiming high:

    hit the ball off the ground into a basket or net. For every hit, you get a point.

  4. Baseball Hockey:

    The puck is played towards another player, who takes over the puck and continues playing it to the next player without stopping. The next player stands approximately at a 90-degree angle to the previous player. How many play stations can be achieved? For this game are several skills required: controlled hitting of the puck, the skill to take on the ball as well as play on in the correct angel.

  5. Shooting the can:

    play the puck in a way that it hits a pyramid of cans. The pyramid can be sitting on a board or bench.

  6. Bowling:

    Using the hockey stick, shoot the puck to a cone at about 5m distance. Get one point for every fallen cone.

  7. Slalom run:

    There are 5 – 10 slalom poles or cones on the ground. The player must guide the ball ( the puck) through the course using the hockey stick. No hurdle must be missed. Who is the fastest? The required skill: precisely leading of the ball.

  8. Stop-ball:

    One player plays the puck to another kid who in turn, using the hockey stick tries to stop the puck/ball.

  9. Relay Hockey:

    As in any other relay game, the puck/ball has to be played across the field to the other player. In turn, this player will try to stop the ball, using his hockey stick and then playing it back to his opponent’s field. Who is the fastest?

  10. Ball free zone:

    each team tries to keep their field free from balls. Whenever a ball enters their field they push it back using their sticks. It is not allowed kicking the puck/ball with your feet.

  11. Balancing act:

    the hockey stick has to be balanced on the palm of your hand. Which player can do that the longest?

  12. Hockey stick snake:

    all players stand in a single line. Each player holds his own hockey stick backwards with his right hand. The player in front holds the stick with his left hand. The last player does not have a stick. On command, this snake has to start moving without falling apart.

Hockey Indoor Games
Hockey Indoor Games

Hockey - Team Games:

  1. 1: 1 Match:

    Like in housewife hockey each player tries to push the puck into the opponent's goal.

  2. 2: 2 Match:

    Always 2 children form a team attempting to shoot the puck into the opponent's goal. Those two players have to arrange themselves in a way so that one plays the attack while the other one covers the defence.

  3. 4: 4 Match:

    If you have room for a bigger court, you can always have 4 players (or more) playing against each other.

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