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Hoverboard games

Hoverboards are also known as Balance Scooter. They are the number 1 hit in the US, and the trend is slowly spilling over to Europe. You don’t need more than 1 or 2 hoverboards to come up with some great games for the youth group, the classroom of physical education.

Hoverboard, Mini Segways or Balance Scooter
Hoverboard, Mini Segways or Balance Scooter

With the Balance Scooter the following skills are exercised:

  • Balance
  • A feeling for speed
  • Reaction
  • Body control

Safety instructions when riding the hoverboard

Hoverboard Race
Hoverboard Race

Everything that drives, rolls or moves on requires specific accident protection. Similar to skateboarding, you should wear a helmet as well as elbow and knee pads. Furthermore, it is essential, that you practice at a place without public traffic. Sidewalks and busy roads are a no-go zone.

For absolute newbies, it is advisable to have a helper next to him, to avoid falling off the board. Start by getting familiar with getting on and off the board. Then you can start with rolling movements and speed. After a little while, you will be able to do it all alone!

Following I have listed a few tips regarding your posture:

Let's start with the beginners

Climb on your hoverboard and stay there. [1]: Climb on your board from behind. – Put one foot gently on the board, immediately followed by the other board. Keep yourself upright and calm on the hoverboard. Place each foot next to the inner cover [2]. All the sensors are close to the wheels which will help you to respond quicker.

Get off the board the same way you got on it (from behind). Stay calmly. That will help you to keep up your composure.

Riding in each direction. As soon as you rock your feet forwards or backwards, the hoverboard moves in the according direction. Forward movement: push the balls of your feet down and your body slightly forward.

Reverse movement: Push your heels down and lean gently backwards. You will quickly realise that the hoverboard is very sensitive and responds to the slightest movement.

Riding left, right and in a circle: The hoverboard moves the way you move your body. That means, on which leg you put your weight, in this direction the board will move. For example, if you want to go right, you need to put your weight on your right foot.

How to stop the hoverboard: The hoverboard has no brakes. That means it only can roll out. The speed will slow down when you gently lean back.

Charging: the hoverboard can be recharged for a maximum of 2-3 hours. After this time it must be disconnected. Do not just charge overnight, and remember to pull the charging plug after a maximum of 3 hours.

Battery life: The battery lasts a few kilometres depending on the condition of the ground, the weight and the drivers demand. Approximately the battery will last for 10 – 20 km or 60 – 90 minutes of continuous use. Keep in mind, if you do not use the hoverboard for a long time you will need to recharge it before use.

One word about speed: a pedestrian can walk up to 5 km per hour, with a bicycle makes about 20 km while the board hovers with approximately 10-12 km in the middle.

Please note: Since the hoverboards go faster than 6 km / h and also do not have the technical characteristics according to road traffic regulations, hoverboards may only be used in certain areas and non-public traffic (this applies at least for Germany)

Games with the hoverboard


Hoverboard Circle Race
Hoverboard Circle Race

  1. Double

    Two people are standing - side by side or hugging (belly to belly) on a hoverboard and trying to balance while riding.

  2. Squatting

    No standing while riding, this time you have to squat. To make it all a little bit harder, you can put up several cones.

  3. Slalom

    Ride the hoverboard as fast as possible through a slalom. First forward and then backwards.

  4. Circles

    Use the hoverboard like ice skating and create as many as possible figures. Create loops on the floor with chalk or tape. Make the circles smaller and smaller.

  5. Astronaut Training

    For this game, speed is of the essence. First, ride in 10 circles, then ride 10 m on a straight line. Who is fastest?

  6. Gyrating

    Create the tightest circle possible.

  7. Dancing with the hoverboard

    Like with the figure skating, only this time you dance on the hoverboard to music. Who can do it best?

  8. Skateboard Tricks

    This game is for the experienced hoverboard enthusiast. Like skateboarders doing tricks with their boards, you too can do tricks with your hoverboard. For example, jumping over obstacles or riding your board underneath a pole or rope.

  9. Races

    You can do that with only one hoverboard, by timing each candidate or you have two boards, and you carry out a race over a longer distance. When you are getting better build in some obstacles.

  10. Ramp riding

    Ride a ramp up and down. Suitable ramps are most likely to be found in a skateboard unit.

  11. Pushing the ball

    A large rubber ball is pushed through an obstacle course and into a goal.

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