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Games with straw bales

Rolling round straw bales
Rolling round straw bales

Sleeping in straw is a special experience. Unfortunately, today it is also a very rare one. I still remember the days of our youth group when we slept with in a barn in the hay. Without any doubt, straw battles were always part of it. It’s only side effect, we were itchy all over. When we were kids and went out to the farm, we dug tunnels in the snow (warning, that can get dangerous) or jumped from the first floor out into the straw. (Cautions this also a dangerous activity). In short, paying in straw somehow makes fun.

Therefore, if you are able to organise some straw bales from a local farmer, by all means, don’t hesitate and use them for some major play street- or station games. Please keep in mind that you need a few spare bales, depending on how much they are used and how many people participate in the game.

Straw bales games

  1. Stuffing straw

    The objective is, to put as much as possible straw into a plastic bad. Since the straw may be sharp-edged or pointed, it may tear the bag. Therefore, be careful. Judging the bags is more difficult. One way would be to weigh them, another, you judge them by the way they look. Which bag has fewer holes or is not torn at all.

  2. Shipping straw

    Each team has an equally large pile of straw and is required to carry the hay from A to B, without losing anything along the way. Alternatively, you could also pick up the straw on the field and load them into a container (cart).

  3. Needle in a haystack

    Hidden in a straw or hay pile are 10 sweets, matches or similar items. How long does it take each group to find those 10 pieces?

  4. Stacking straw bales

    Each team tries to build a tower from straw bales. Since this game is not entirely harmless, is a helmet for all kids is mandatory. Also, you can time each team how long it takes to build their tower. This is relatively harmless since this only takes about 5 bales.

  5. Straw bale races

    Similar like the beer crate races, 2-3 kids move forwards only using the straw bales and not touching the ground ever. They have to put one bale in front of the other to get ahead. You might need some additional bales for this game depending how well the bales are pressed.

  6. Pyramid roles
    Pyramid roles

    Pyramid roles

    Just like the ancient Egyptians were moving their large stone blocks on wheels, so is the group required to move their bales on 4-5 round logs. A paved surface, 10-meter-long would be ideal for this game. Time the group how long it takes them.

  7. Rolling round straw bales

    For this game idea are large straw bale rolls needed. The group has to roll the bales for about 10-20m. Time them for how long it takes them.

  8. Straw bale rolling balance

    Like in the previous game, you will need round bales. However, this time one kid stands on top of the bale and moves the bale by walking on top of it. Similar like you would do with a rolling drum.

    But beware: this very acrobatic-looking game is not without danger. After all it could happen, that the kid falls off the bale, that he gets run over, depending on the speed or, depending on how well this bale is pressed, he gets caught up in the threads. I just mention that because I have experienced it all. However, if you are aware of the potential sources of danger, take good care and also have 2-3 helpers, you should be okay with this task. Should you not feel up to it, then please don’t play it.

  9. Creative straw game

    Each team creates a scarecrow of straw and dresses it in a potato sack. The best model wins.

  10. Straw battle

    As mentioned above, a straw battle is almost as inevitable as a water battle – if the situation permits. After such a fight, swimming is a must. For people with hay fever or dust mite allergies, such actions are obviously not suitable.

  1. Games with straw
    Games with straw

    Carrying straw with the hay fork

    Instead of moving hay from A – B using your hands you use a hay fork. Then take the straw to the finishing line and stuff it in a sack. After 1 -2 minutes weigh the amount of hay which was moved.

  2. Straw fork Throwing

    Similar to the javelin, only this time you throw the hay fork. The throw only scores if the fork gets stuck in the ground. Cautions that there are no people in front or around the player.

  3. Straw bale throwing

    Like a ball, a bale of straw is thrown as far as possible. Measure the shortest distance from the starting line to where the bale hits the ground.

  4. Straw bale carrying

    A straw bale is carried by 2 people using 2 hay forks. The bale is impaled on the right and left side. The objective is to carry the bale through an obstacle course.

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